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Oh look at this guy, knowing Dan Green personally and shit
First weigh in since started cutting 7 days ago. Went from 205 to 200.4, a 5lb initial drop is fine right? Probably water and glycogen stores depleted? Aiming for 1, to 1.5 a week after this, I should stabilize to that after this right? No loss of strength reported yet, so it leading me to believe water and all that.
Dope, post some pics on comp day
Are you trying to say bulk was unsuccessful or that you think you've reached genetic potential?
You know we gon need before/after pics bruh bruh
Exactly the kind of answer I was hoping for, thanks.
@conceptionist, what's your opinion on not hitting macros exactly? You think it'll fuck you up in the long term? So far on this cut there have been a couple of days where I'm +/- a few grams of one of the three macros. I don't really sweat it, figuring over the course of a week it evens out.
I think the best results will come from utilizing both, I'm cutting now and I'm keeping all big compound lifts 5x5 with heavier weight, squats, deadlifr, bench and OHP, then I'm doing 3x8-10 with accesories at a lighter weight
Would it count if he did it on different days, or would it have to be one after another just like at a meet?Like, can you still say you have a 1,000 total if you never tried doing them consecutively. Random thing that I wondered.
You're a fuckin tank man
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