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I've heard this too, but i've heard that it's actually a positive thing, because if you raise calories again slowly, and watch macros, you'll build new muscle quickly.And I don't ever plan on taking calories THAT crazy low, I think the lowest i'll attempt is around 1,800 on workout days, and just introduce cardio.
By burning out what exactly do you mean? You stalled with weight loss and had no energy? Can't this be negated by doing a refeed or maintenance for a few days?Once again, what do you mean rebound hard?
Yeah, I did fuck that up, lifting day calories would be 2,750 total. 420, 495 and 1,835 calories throughout the three meals.
Lithium can also be very fun....
I think what we are trying to achieve through all this mental masturbation is that yes, results can come though certain efforts, such as yours, but OPTIMAL results can come otherwise.
black don't crack sonhttp://blkdontcrack.tumblr.com/?og=1
This is ridiculous. There should be no shortcuts to this city, it took many of us a long time to figure out ideal subway positioning, now these transplants get cheat codes?And it's along the L obviously, big surprise there.
Ok, this is what I am going to do now, yes I lift at 6.Finalized diet, right here.Just to be sure I did the math right, that means my lifting day calories come out to 2,500, and rest days 2,200 correct?Lifting days first meal would be approx 420 calories, second 495 and post workout meal would be 1,585 calories?Feel like I did some gorilla math and something is off, but maybe not.If I stall for more than two weeks how should I go about adjusting? Drop some carbs and some...
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