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Typo, actually 580 total* I think she competed at 138lbs, first meet though, and training for about a year in a half.Admittedly I know nothing about women's numbers and what's good and what's not regarding weight class
Ended up meeting up with weightlifter chick on Friday night, she was cool... but after all this time I still end up comparing all girls to my ex, meh. She seemed really into me, and keeps texting me to meet up again and whatnot. I did not feel like there much "chemistry" from my end, but i'll see again, got nothing to lose. Did well at her meet too, placed 2nd in her division, good for her. Also it's crazy how much weaker (i'm not saying this in negative way whatsoever)...
Monday will be a month into cut, here is a log thus far. Monday is also weigh day, so hoping to see some more losses there as well.I don't think the visual changes have really been coming in yet, but i've lost weight, maintained and even gained strength in some areas, and I feel great physically, so i've got absolutely nothing to complain about. Slow is the way to go, trying to retain as much muscle as possible.Both pics are cold and no pump, first is from a month ago,...
I don't want to be one of those guys, but I have a plan.
They wouldnt, and a lot of the time they're making a lot more than you, doing a lot less work.
If you're not one of the founding members of a company, you're just a cog in the machine, effectively making other rich.
Haha, exactly the point i'm trying to make.
If it afforded me the life I wanted it would be a good job.Life I want meaning at least half a mil a year net haha
Spending 40 years at ANY conventional job is not living, I don't care what you do, finance, ibanking, teaching, etc...I don't plan on working past 30, not in the sense of coming into an office for 40+ hours a week and doing some nonsense making other people rich.
Sometimes I think people put way too much emphasis on enjoying their work... All this do what you love, never work a day in your life bullshit, etc.... Frankly, i'd sit in a dimly lit room counting skittles for 8 hours a day if it afforded me the ability to live the life I want. Work to live, not live to work.
New Posts  All Forums: