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I have no doubts than expensive blenders are really worth it, i'm just wondering if anyone has ever blended up full meals of foods that are typically not blended and ate (drank) them haha?
Does getting a vitamix, and blending my entire post workout meal and drinking it sound like a crazy idea? It would probably be gross as all fuck, but it would just have to be endured for the duration you're chugging it. Imagine that, chicken breast, brocolli and rice smoothie.
I'm not trying to get under 8%, 10 at the least. And I think losing most of my mass is a bit of an exaggeration.
Why do you say that? I think that is totally achievable natty.
I know it just happened really fast, and before I could even think to let go and fall forward I was being stapled.
Was doing squats today and working up to a max, got 250x3 then stupidly decided to get 275 for one, got stuck in the hole, tried grinding it out but couldn't get it, and the weight toppled me over and barbell travelled forward over my head scraping up my upper back and neck. Nobody there to help because everyone fucking thinks a little snow is the end of the world, I'm alright if not a little shook up, but feel mad stupid, probably coulda been worse
bro they knew you had two guns on you
I'd rather not ask any detailed diet or nutrition questions in this thread anymore, like I said PM only.Once again, I don't understand all the fuss, has RHET gone too long without one of it's infamous shitshows?Before I even turned to conceptionist for advice, i'd been reading a number of leangains/carb cycling/ IF success stories, blogs, posts, and doing research behind the methodologies. I believe in it, and think it's a great program. I just did not possess the...
ho ready, not show ready
As far as bodybuilding natty being pointless, I present to you this kid from my gym of course he COULD be on something, but i truly believe he isnt.
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