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Forget the $20, gentlemans agreement
saving this so i can prove you so wrong in a few months time.
RHET doctrine says any brah who is negative has to flagellate himself with a lacrosse ball in a dress sock
Don't be such a negative nancy
I drink like 5 cups of green tea with antioxidants a day : /
I appreciate what you're saying, but I feel confident that this approach will work.If it backfires, ill give you the satisfaction that you're right haha
But then you either do a refeed, or eat at maintenance for a week , then if you stall out again introduce cardio
Ok, this I understand, but if that's the only case for metabolic damage, I think it's null and void if I never drop below 22-2500
When you say metabolic damage, what exactly do you mean?
You're not pushing me, the reason I like this method is because it is so clear cut and structured, and it makes a lot of sense.I'm just like you in the sense that all of this nutrition stuff interests me, and to be honest I kind of regret not educating myself earlier. Probably would not have done such a dirty bulk in the first place, if I knew more about nutrition and the like.I've been doing a lot of reading on my own, aside from your very well written and thought out...
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