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You don't do EC stack no more?
Damn bro less than 50g/day for that long must suck
I feel like I've asked you this before, but if you could please humor me, what're your macros on lift and non lifting days, and how often do you do refeeds and refeed macros?
Already got greek yogurt and lean meat on deck. When you take an egg, and only use the whites, how do you adjust the macros?Completely forgot about ONGS, that's what I used to use. Gonna grab some of that. Using Trader Joes house brand now, and it's only 16g per serving with fats and carbs that don't make it worth it.
Can you guys list some of your favorite low fat protein items? Carbs and fats are relatively easy to hit, but I keep coming up slightly short with protein and end up having to take whey, which throws my macros off with all the added shit it has in it. Alternatively if there's a pure protein powder out there with hardly any fats or carbs would be nice to know.
Wowwowwow Girl randomly messages me on Facebook, poking fun at my profile picture (surly, bearded shirtless picture) She goes to school about an hour and a half out the city, in New Paltz, NY. Same place my best friend from HS went. My best friends girl, knows this chick from one of her classes, and thought we'd dig each other. Turns out she grew up a few towns away from where I did. But here's the best thing yet brahs, she's a powerlifter, and she's no trick....
because you don't even lift
It's going to be a long time before I even consider gear, but when I do yes. Not really for the fact that I'm scared of the law, or something like that, rather I don't know what kind of quality product I'm getting.Much rather get pharmaceutical grade stuff than some home brew made in some gym rats basement.
I mean monitored in the sense you keep an eye on your bloodwork and side effects
It's the stupid social stigma. As far as I'm concerned, monitored doses of test and HGH are miracle drugs
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