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Good stuff man thanks, think I might try to get an MRI referral just in case.A massage has been something i've really wanted to do for awhile, shit is pricy though
That's EXACTLY where it is haha
I hope it's nothing but that, thing is this shoulder always seems to be acting up a little bit, its that same side where I had that muscle knot I was asking you about.Going to rest today, do lower body tomorrow, and hold off on upper body for a bit.
Definitely happened while benching last night, did not have a spot, so while lifting off an simultaneously trying to get shoulderblades back something weird happened.Arm out, palm down and resistance don't really feel much, seems normal.whats your NSAID of choice, aleve?
If I press down the front of my shoulder, feels sore, as if its bruised, can lift it over my head, it doesnt HURT as in owwww, pain, but it's uncomfortable. Arm also feels heavy and a little numb, and while I can rotate my left shoulder freely, it feels as though the right kind of "catches" a bit
Pretty sure I have fucking shoulder impingemen/tendinitis. Where do I go from here?
Same here, something screwy with my right shoulder, it doesn't really hurt, but something is off... It feels heavy, and disconnected from the rest of my body?
Damn, lookin juicy. Are the lovehandles/belly fat usually the last to go for you?
IIFYM and flexible dieting bro....
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