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HahahaReal Estate is a great place to be if you know what you're doing, I know a lot of people making serious buck with it.
Powerlifting potential on project renos?
Best thing about Charlys vids is that he never yells or grunts, it's just pure, silent, concentrated fury
Single or double prong?Why do you say this?
Inzer? Pretty sure M would be the way to go, I think Charly said he uses his M and his waist is a lot bigger now than when he first got it.
I loled
So at what point are we calling them, "cooked" if I stick them in my microwave for a few seconds, or even mix it with boiling water, are they then cooked? Seems like a bit of mental masturbation. is what I use, and it's way true that bulking is easy as fuck here.
I put 'em in my omelettes or other cooked food, never really drink them raw, but if I did would it be pointless due to those factors?
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