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@conceptionist So what you're trying to say is that full body workouts 4x a week, with less sets and lower reps closing to your 1RM may yield better results than isolating muscle groups once a week and lifting light for more reps and sets? I could see this being true. I might give it a go. Anyone have any good, more hypertrophy based full body splits they want to share?
Also little brothers progress from when he started in March until August, he's even bigger now, 16 years young. What impresses me most is that he is 6'2 and was able to put on a decent amount of lean size.
First workout yesterday. Incredible, absolutely incredible how much strength I lost. Good thing was everything felt comfortable, no pain whatsoever. Looking back at my logs, last time I did chest I put 225x5x5. I barely eeked out 160x5x5. My 16 year old brother is lifting heavier than me ( kid is turning into a beast actually.) It's been so long since i've done this I feel lost as fuck. What is the latest science behind eating when trying to do a recomp/slight cut....
I've got a huge overstock of Pisco at the bar i'm working at currently. Gonna make a prebatched Pisco Punch... you guys have any creative ideas? Also got a couple of bottles of Frangelico laying around, that good for anything?
Yeah totally her friend.Don't remember making that post. I never called a hooker haha
Until I start working out again i'm just going to blog the fuck out this thread. Hella mega hottie at bar tonight, made out with her after hours, we agreed to end up at one of each others places, ugly, cockblocking friend swoops in and kills it all. wtffff. contemplating calling a hooker to quell aggression at situation. made $300+ in cash tips tonight, only worked like 6 hours. easy come, easy go. maybe. drunkkkk
I'm bartending till late on Friday, but might be able to make it out on the 8th. @GraphicNovelty want to meet up there?
Anyone have experience with BLK DNM leathers? Quality, fit, etc?
Had an appt with my orthopedic doc this morning. Took x rays, clavicle is healing beautifully he says. No shortening, from what he can tell, nothing lasting or debilitating. That clavicle is a little bit deformed from the break, but he said within the next year or so it should straighten back out to pretty much normal, as it stands you cant even tell unless im shirtless and you look really closely. For the next few months he told me I should be a little careful, as new...
New Posts  All Forums: