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Get a scooter or motorcycle
Intraworkout shake of BCCAs and Gatorade powder is amazing
Cheap is how cheap for that duc
Uniqlo for cheap throwaway suit all day
Not SF, but my boss pays $9000 a month in RENT to live in Williamsburg, ridiculous.
That feel when you drink 30 beers to drown your depression and fall asleep in your office crew signing in
Great, thank you for the info.
Understood, but what if I want that jacket, but with the slim shoulders and fit that the SF collab jacket is getting? Is that possible?Also I understand that the jacket is available in Black Z150, Black X150, and all colors Comp. Weight... but what is the difference between the three? In terms of thickness, heaviness, wear pattern etc?
If I simply wanted a leather as close in style as possible to the one in the first post, how feasible would this be? Could you guys also throw up a concise guide on what types of leather will be available for these jackets?
That Balmain is really awesome actually.
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