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Yessir. It's a beautiful house from the early 1900's, just got fully renovated. original floors, moldings etc. got the entire first floor to myself. 3 brs, huge kitchen, huge dining and living rooms.and its literally right on the beach, will get some pics posted soon.
Didnt you just buy a Rolex?Rhet brahs, just got a sick new apartment on the beach with a deck. looking to buy a grill. charcoal, fuck propane. any recs? figure you cant go wrong w weber
No orange bitters?
victor cruz
Margiela sidezips, slim gray denim and black leather bomber with white tee? man bun up top? was me in that case. dont judge on times square, work in the area unfortunately haha.Question for all: There is a leather duffel that I really like, unfortunate thing is the only one left in stock is a tan color. How easy is it for a specialist to dye a leather bag black? how much should I expect to pay for a medium sized duffel?
Within the past two weeks or so Pretty much the entire cast of the sopranos minus gandolfini of course michael moore dwayne 'the rock' johnson steven colbert josh groban dude who plays the penguin in gotham on netflix carrie underwood some other minor people i forget
Anyone know anything about golden bear jackets?
Seriously what is the easiest and quickest way to lose weight? I've legit become fat
Is it possible to omit the two mini back belts and add an actual belt like on the derby?
Hey guys, figured id check in. About 215, not an ounce of muscle. Fat as fuck, depressed but managing. Doing that pint of whiskey at least a day life. At least I'm making money and still getting laid Will get back on track soon. I feel like I've got PTSD since my accident. I feel ruined, Like illn ever the be the same again... Stupid since docs cleaes me 100% for lifting months ago. Wtvr
New Posts  All Forums: