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Instead of just mirin Coldsnap has to comment on my jeans
1st frame is Febuary 2013 right when I started lifting, I weighed 198 lbs of skinny fat. On the right is at the height of bulk before I started to cut March 1st, weighing 208
those are slim straights from uniqlo, probably the best fitting jeans i have left. i dont think theyre that bad
188, down 20lbs from 208. 175-180 is the goal. Still steadily cutting weight at 2750 on lift days and 2350 rest, probably due for a calorie adjustment though. Strength hasn't dropped at all yet, but my endurance has taken a hit, gets difficult halfway through a training session even with intra workout carbs and BCAAs. Body fat estimate? I'd say 15
You do chest and back on same day? Interesting
Also, all this talk about clothes. I picked up 4 pairs of slim fit linen pants from H&M, quality is whatever, but who cares, only meant for one season and they fit really well, also bought 5 tanks from there, then got 10 uniqlo supima v necks. picked up two pairs of vans authentics, one cream, one navy. boom, summer warddrobe is complete for a little over 300 bucks. Just need a few new pairs of swim trunks since my old ones don't fit and i'll be set. contemplating...
Spilled a bunch of wine on a pair of white converse this weekend while bartending. The shoes were already dirty as fuck, but now they've got this cool ass light purple tilt. Im kind of tempted to buy a new pair and soak them in a bucket of cheap red for a day or two and see what happens.
Urgent Care, yeah that's what my mother told me... E.R might be overkill.And yeah I figured if it was broken i'd know, which is why i'm not too worried.
Fuck going to the gym hungover. Dropped a plate on my thumb, it swelled immediately and now it's turning blue... thing is I can still freely move it in all directions. Not broken but maybe a sprain? Gonna keep it on ice for now, if it's not better tomorrow morning i'll go to the E.R.
Poptarts, ramen, milk
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