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Recovery is moving along pretty well, in a sling still, but that's more for peace of mind at this point. Just going to do the recommended 8 weeks in it. Would like some opinions on how to proceed from here. Soon as I can, i'm getting back into lifting and dieting. Last time I was consistently in the gym was May, and I was cutting at that point. I've been eating like shit, drinking more than I should. Basically I am not in a good way. Should I pick up my diet and...
Thanks brotha, been to most of those, and Elsa as well which you edited out, but they're moving to a new space currently, which is unfortunate, I liked that place a lot for dates.I suppose those names always pop out because they are the best places to go. I think Apotheke is going to be my choice this time around, girls love that place.
@willy cheesesteak whatre your favorite places to grab drinks in the city? something a bit more quiet and intimate for a first date situation
Any of you guys could recommend cool jewelry companies? namely looking for some interesting necklaces
doesnt feel good to be cheated on guys.
Girl that I have been sleeping with for the past 5 months, and who we had a "understanding" with cheated on me last night and I found out through the grapevine. Hahahaha these hoes aint loyal man. at the outset i told myself id kill it this summer with randoms from the bar. i literally could sleep with at least 3 different chicks a week, but i didnt, did the one and she did me dirty.
There is no shortening apparently
Col@Coldsnap can you elaborate re: potential problems, my fracture apparently was not that severe
Haven't worked out since around early May. Really sucks. And obviously I get promoted to manager soon as I get fucking hit by a car, so now even though I have the time to lift again I can't. Can anyone speak to recovery from a fractured clavicle, maybe you knew someone? With that being said, I think I'm still in decentish shape for being out of commission for so long. Soon as I get back into it, that muscle memory kicks in and I'll be straight.
Ah unfortunate. I have heard reports that they fit quite big though? About a size and a half?Also, for NYC peeps, can we schedule an appt to pop into the shop and try things on/pay in cash?
New Posts  All Forums: