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What can you guys suggest to free up and release the IT band? Right leg has really giving me problems. Also get a lot of tightness in my right shoulder blade area
I agree with you on that analogy, but like you said yourself, I don't think my calories are low enough that I have to worry about that yet. I said so myself that I will adjust volume further on in cut.I think there is a lot of merit to an IF type of diet. I don't eat breakfast, 3 hours before training I have my first meal around 2 30 in the afternoon, not too much fat, some protein and carbs, I lift at 6, after I lift on my way out the gym I immediately ingest some form of...
One of the certified broscientrainers at my gym was telling me that even though I've maintained/gained strength on mycut, I could still be losing muscle mass. Is this true?
Yeah but according to WAYWT this guy is and I quote "jacked" So we all still might have a chance.RHET should invade that thread, and just post pictures in tanks and slutty t's.
Body image perception is an interesting thing, sometimes i'll look into the mirror and think "damn, looking thick, solid, tight, good job!" Then other times i'll stare at myself and be like "DYEL?"
Just get a fedora brah
By after a certain point I do mean either at Charlys level, or when you're over like 45 and you begin feeling like shit because your natural test production has slowed to a halt.Also, who cares if someone wants to do it just for fun
Absolutely agree. Careful where you get your bread from brahs
After a certain point, there is really no sense in NOT being on at least test
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