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I'm bartending till late on Friday, but might be able to make it out on the 8th. @GraphicNovelty want to meet up there?
Anyone have experience with BLK DNM leathers? Quality, fit, etc?
Had an appt with my orthopedic doc this morning. Took x rays, clavicle is healing beautifully he says. No shortening, from what he can tell, nothing lasting or debilitating. That clavicle is a little bit deformed from the break, but he said within the next year or so it should straighten back out to pretty much normal, as it stands you cant even tell unless im shirtless and you look really closely. For the next few months he told me I should be a little careful, as new...
So this chick always comes in when im bartending and blatantly hits on me. Finally took her home yesterday, she was on her period but let me do her in the butt, pretty nice.
Anyone have experience with BLK DNM?
Im going to be bartending halloween night, should be in costume. i was thinking of going as santa and just fucking with peoples heads. but might be too late to buy a costume. i have a pretty good beard going right now, if i leave just the mustache what kind of shit can i pull together that i probably already have at home to be someone?
Putting on my big boy pants and finally moving out of my parents place at 23... Feels a little weird. And I'm both excited but kind of scared
Putting on my big boy pants... Moving out of parents place for first time at 23
Hah, that's pretty much exactly what I'm going for.
Picked this up a few weeks ago, been having a lot of fun. I don't like the rims at all, but the car was a steal with the aftermarket roof and these rims. Gonna make a healthy amount of $$ off of these when I sell then, then still have some left over after I get what I want.
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