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You didn't text me homie Edit: and I just saw your fb messages, but I'm never really on that anymore.
How to tell girl you've been sleeping with that her puss took a turn into funky town. I mean once or twice undestandable, but this has now been consistent for like a week
got in a brawl last night. havent been in a fight in years, cold clocked dude cold, not before he split my brow though. oh well, chicks dig scars
I don't know about any careers or anything, bartending lifestyle is pretty perfect, especially for me and the type of person I am.
Tvorog, sold it polish/Russian Delis and specialty stores, pretty much same thing
Goddamnit rangers
Rhet diagnosis needed. Been having really awful diarrhea randomly up to 3x a day. I drink a lot of alcohol and eat shitty food and don't sleep enough and don't work out anymore (this is all temporary) obviously that all has something to do with it, but will i die?
because i dont want/have the time to do any research. one of these millions of programs would probably come up as a suggestion anyway.douchhhe
i like this because its quick and easy
Someone want to humor me and create a 2x a week training routine? I'm not counting calories at the moment, it's just too difficult, but I am maintaing my weight... routine would be mostly to stay in shape and retain strength, i'll throw in some shit for bis and abs but it ain't the main focus. Help a brotha out.
New Posts  All Forums: