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Who here's does full body workouts? What's it look like?
I want a cologne that smells like leather, wood, smoke and patchouli. Maybe with some vanilla in there. What do I get?
Talking only from a health perspective, yes. Why the need to reduce or eliminate completely?
What's everyones opinion on eating red meat few days at a time? I really don't like chicken, meal prepping skirt steak fajitas for the next few days. Also, what do you guys use for milk substitutes in smoothies? Almond, coconut, or is sticking with regular milk okay if you have room for the carbs?
What coat is that?
Just by cutting out drinking and most carbs, i'm down from 213 to 204 in two weeks. Gotta get back on the lifting train or else i'm just going to end up skinny fat.
Check out how fat I got rhet
also no.only guys who cant get laid say shit like this. come on. i thought we were better than that rhet brahs
Got hit and run by a car on my bike and broke my collarbone and orbital this year. Then got really really fat and depressed. Gonna try to crawl out of that in 2016
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