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Check out how fat I got rhet http://www.fox5ny.com/news/66614017-story
also no.only guys who cant get laid say shit like this. come on. i thought we were better than that rhet brahs
Got hit and run by a car on my bike and broke my collarbone and orbital this year. Then got really really fat and depressed. Gonna try to crawl out of that in 2016
Hmm, well she wants something to put on after she's toweled off after a shower, so a hybrid of the two? Definitely something cozy and soft and warm though. Im willing to spend up to 150
Girlfriend has hinted at wanting a bathrobe for chrimmus, anyone have any recs?
Post brogress pics
they dont count
Out of all the people on RHET I am surprised that Eason is the first to leave humanity behind
I really have to get myself in shape again. Looking through old pics and came across this. Not that I was even THAT big but it felt awesome to be buffer than most. #glorydays or something
New Posts  All Forums: