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they dont count
Out of all the people on RHET I am surprised that Eason is the first to leave humanity behind
I really have to get myself in shape again. Looking through old pics and came across this. Not that I was even THAT big but it felt awesome to be buffer than most. #glorydays or something
have you ever asked your bitch for other bitches?
Drug dealers waiting for calls to buy or deliver
Seems thats my mistake then. Can anyone recommend some other good recipes? Have like 8lbs of frozen chicken breasts in the freezer
Hah, I followed a recipe I found online. Shit was dreadful.
i did 3.5 hours on high and it was absolutely awful.chicken was tough and dry, could hardly "pull" it apart at all. the sauce just turned all watery and gross.what exactly did i do wrong? that i cooked on high instead of low?ended up just throwing it all out.
meh. im gonna shred it and eat it on rice and shit
1st time using my slowcooker. threw in 6 pretty large chicken breasts, half a bottle of BBQ sauce, and a bunch of spices. should be pretty decent right?
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