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Hey all, coming at you guys from the Streetwear side of the forum. This is and the one before it are great threads. Does anyone here own a Tag Monaco? Offer up opinions and wrist shots?
Got pointed to this thread from another part of the forum. Seems like a lot of you guys really know what you're talking about, hah. Can you guys recommend me a cologne that has notes of leather, wood, smoke, tobacco, patchouli... something along those lines. Also, a reliable trustworthy website from which I can order samples of the recs? Thanks1
Anyone hear have Nocello in their home bar? Bought a bottle after having an old fashioned with it at a bar. It's an italian walnut liquor, replacing the simple in an old fashioned with it is splendid. I did 2 ounce Elijah Craig .75 Nocello Liquor 1 dash angostura 2 dashes regans orange
Pre fatigue your chest so you can feel if theyre being activated while youre benching
I really don't understand why anyone would completely cut out animal protein and dairy from there diet.
Whats in your green shakes?
Are you not doing the Dr Bronners followed by citrus rinse anymore?
I roasted boneless skinless thighs to eat for the weak. Holy fuck, Wednesday and I already want to kill myself. How the fuck are you all prepping chicken that's tasty and you can still eat for 4 days straight?
Thanks all for the input. Trying to maximize the 3-4 days I have for the gym in a week.
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