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Is there any benefit really to doing a full day fast once a week or so?
Costa Rica for sure
Maybe not the right place to asks, but is a mortgage under 100,000 something a bank would do, it would probably be closer to around 80k. Is that veering into personal loan territory?
bought this not fashiony, but perfect for my intended use of carrying my bar tools to work
Who makes a cool affordable leather portfolio envelope thingy
I like working out because I know it mentally makes me feel a lot better, more so than any anti depressant i've ever taken. Not far behind that though, is doing it for the girls, and my own vanity.
Sold out within like 10 minutes, pretty stoked
Just picked up a vintage DJ myself, which is what inspired the comment. would love a coke gmt myself
There is a pretty involved watches thread on the CM side, but not one here. What's everyone wearing watch wise here?
They do, i'll take a pair of mine that i've been wearing to work for the past half a year or so and post them tomorrow.
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