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Anyone have experience getting shoes stretched by a cobbler, actually works?
Remember when I made all those posts of getting cleared by the doctor, getting back in the game, etc about two months ago? I went to the gym twice since then. I feel pretty good physically, I just have this weird ass mental block I can't circumvent. It's kind of digging me back into my depression. I guess it's pretty normal after a severe injury but I don't know. Like the idea of having to do all of this over again is so daunting. Maybe I just need @mrchariybrown to call...
Does anyone know the quality of Vince boots?
Throw me a # in a pm
I guess I should feel pretty lucky that the clueless dude at the ghetto liquor store gave it to me for 75
How much would a 2013 12 year rip van winkle 12 year go for?
What's the leather in 7?
I want to start doing a little cardio strictly for health reasons. Whats the best way to go about this? Could I do it on days that I lift? Before or after lifting, hours apart or no? Or should I just save it for the 2 days a week I dont lift.
Forego science and training and all that shit. Walk into the gym one day, throw on 225 and push it. That's all it takes sometimes. Simple primal shit.
Before end of year is totally doable
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