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Alcohol raises estrogen levels in menAlcohol will stop protein synthesis. Only resumes after liver metabolizes all the ethanol.All alcohol is really high in carbs, and it's all empty calories.Bottom line, is that booze really has no place in fitness/bodybuilding/strength training etc
You could change out the sprocket for different gearing and it makes a touch quicker.
So if pre and post workout you want 30g of carbs, around how many grams fat and carbs are you looking for? i would assume preworkout youd want some, and postworkout too. im assuming that you want to get most of your carbs for the day in those two meals, then the rest of your food during the day will be mostly fat and protein?
Work, work, work!
All this talk, and not one mention of what is arguably the best beginner city bike currently on the market for those cafe racer inclined? suzuki tu250x, buy one used for ~3 grand, sell it for the same price a year later. Looks fantastic, handles well, extremely reliable. and more than enough pep to get your around the city safely and efficiently
@conceptionist is probably most well versed to answer this question. but whats the current heat on timing food intake/how many times a day to eat/protein synthesis etc.
Fuckin a, we totally have an indoor grill too.Also, can someone recommend a decently priced crockpot/slow cooker?
Yeah, we've got a huge industrial freezer that's currently sitting empty as well. And a vitamix blender. It's bothering me now that the thought to do this has never crossed my mind before.
Also last night some wasted cougar told me I was hot and tried to climb over the bar to touch my nipples, when I wouldnt let her and told my bouncer to kick her out she started calling me "a harry potter lookin faggot."
Realizing I have a entire commercial kitchen at my disposal at my bar since the kitchen is closed for the off season... I think i'm going to completely bulk cook my meals for the week. Anyone else do this? Does stuff like rice, turkey burgers, broccoli, chicken breast freeze well?
New Posts  All Forums: