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Does anyone know the quality of Vince boots?
Throw me a # in a pm
I guess I should feel pretty lucky that the clueless dude at the ghetto liquor store gave it to me for 75
How much would a 2013 12 year rip van winkle 12 year go for?
What's the leather in 7?
I want to start doing a little cardio strictly for health reasons. Whats the best way to go about this? Could I do it on days that I lift? Before or after lifting, hours apart or no? Or should I just save it for the 2 days a week I dont lift.
Forego science and training and all that shit. Walk into the gym one day, throw on 225 and push it. That's all it takes sometimes. Simple primal shit.
Before end of year is totally doable
Bought a pair of CP Company cargo pants two weeks ago for half off, $150. Light wear, and a hole has developed underneath one belt loop, and one of the snaps on the pockets just tore off when I tried to open it. What the fuck? I emailed them, and they simply said take it up with the store where I bought them from? Way to stand behind your product. Don't think i'll ever purchase another item from them again, even though I love the designs.
Ive got this awful fucking knot in my upper back, right next to my right shoulder blade, been trying to get rid of it for literally months. It gets worse when i'm just resting, inactive. When I lacrosse ball or diddler it my vision actually goes blurry and I can feel the thing in my head. Getting really frustrated.
New Posts  All Forums: