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Talking about alcohol. Got pretty wasted last night after work. Sexual innuendo all night from GM, she also has the fattest ass, nicest ass. I keep telling her i'ma fuck it. Must have been pretty serious about it in my mind, cause when we got back to her place I passed the fuck out fully dressed before she was out of the shower, but on the bedside table I neatly arranged the condoms and tub of fucking vaseline I bought at the deli right before hahahahaha
At this point it just looks like i'm fucking everything with a hard corner. Trying to release tight right psoas/piriformis/IT band has become a daily struggle.
Hold on a second, you're telling me if he brings down his weight a few pounds, he'll be more cut?
All of rhet can relate, buncha losers
Alright, so with my new schedule, my 4 day bodybuilding split just ain't gonna work. I want to make the switch to push/pull/legs. Keep in mind I am trying to cut. I can afford to be in the gym 3x a week, an hour workouts. What would you guys suggest?
This is retarded, ahaha.Also woman love being on top, they can control exactly what's going on, hit their spots where they want, control tempo, etc.
I never thought I would say something like this, but I don't want to see pussy again anytime soon. The fucking GM of the bar is insatiable, i'll come off a 12 hour shift, go hang out with staff for awhile, drink, and then we'll get together and she can go for HOURS, literally. so i end up fucking her all night, sleep for like an hour or two then go back to work for another 12 hours. cant lie, this lifestyle is extremely fun, but it is not conducive whatsoever to a serious...
Left my phone in a fucking cab, feel so stupid. Have insurance on it, but it's still a 170 "deductible"
looks funny but works and burns like a mofo
Been doin dem swings like you suggested
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