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If the shoulders get slimmed, do you think the body will need to be adjusted as well? I worry that with tightening up the shoulders you'll lose the V silhouette and get more of a )( look which is not flattering at all
I do agree that the arms and back could use a little slimming
Very much looking forward to actual product shots
23 today. Is it weird that I feel old? But at the same time I'm in such a limbo, I hardly FEEL like an adult, but I like to think I act like one. I also pretty much live an adult life style, work like a mother fucker for future goals without much downtime... Whatever. Maybe it's the percosets making me all contemplative haha.
Does not seem to be working for me.
Anyone know the styfo discount code for no man walks alone?
Hey gdl, getting ready to place my first order with you guys finally! Sorry i'm a bit out of the loop, what is the styleforum discount code?
Being bed bound isnt doing much for my bank account, spent 1300 online shopping in a week. time to stop
It's not a NY slice if its got that on it.
Riding my bike home from work 2 am Tuesday morning, someone hit and ran me in their car. Broken left clavicle , broken left orbital bone, going in for surgery at noon today. Giving me max dosages of morphine right now but I'm still in so much pain. This really fucking sucks.
New Posts  All Forums: