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Those are really nice, but that's what i'm saying, I dropped $45/pair on these adidas pants and bought three of 'em. While they don't look that good cause they're tight now, i'm still not going to drop another ~$150 on workout clothes.meh
Yeah those are really form fitting, they do the job for the gym though. Not bout to go out and buy all new threads just to workout in
But those are trackpants!
Here everyone can quell their sopping vaginas by mirin dem shoulder striations
Also thanks everyone for the advice re: job. Something I am Going to spend time thinking about
I haven't 1RMed in a while cause of the cut, but as of last time, 235 bench, 355 deadlift, 265 squat. Busted out 255x5x5 squats last week so I think maybbbbe I could eak 300 for a max?
I'm close to a 1,000lb total, and i've only been lifting for a little over a year! I try not to get to caught up with programming and routines, and all that. Lift heavy (for you) lift often,eat, sleep, rinse and repeat.
This is pretty much my line of thinking...
22, I don't get health insurance or benefits from this job, not even federal holidays off, no overtime. It's a shit job.
RHET brahs, need opinions. Should I quit my entry level office job, which I absolutely hate, save for my coworkers, which makes it bearable. Job looks good on my resume, but the pay is dick, and the job just sucks.... also 2.5 hour round trip commute every day. Or should I go work 4 days a week at the bar, make the same amount of money (all cash, no fucking checks and taxes), actually have fun with what i'm doing, spend the days at the beach and gym and doing whatever...
New Posts  All Forums: