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Anyone making a slim fit, higher rise denim equipped with suspender buttons?
Price in mind for the fishtail?
Squatty potty is a game changer
What do you mean wut?
Good to hear everyone is well in the RHET world. Nootropics? Adderall is what you want.
Yeah, i've kind of given up on the summer bod at this point, going for the NYE bod haha. Hows everyone in here doing?
Speaking of tailors, can anyone recommend one in NYC, preferably Midtown as that's where i'm working now. Paging @gdl203 @conceptual 4est Nothing crazy, just shirts and minor suit work.
I have no idea what it's called, but my old gym had one. Old school piece of equipment, it's a rod with a string that you can attach a weight plate too, and you hold it straight out in front of you and try to roll it up.
Is there any benefit really to doing a full day fast once a week or so?
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