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There really is nothing like a good pump. Even better when you can finally get a pump in a body part that you couldn't. I found that to be lats and glutes for me. Speaking of which, anyone have any wisdom on getting glutes to fire better during exercises? I find my hamstrings and quads taking over a lot of the time.
About to purchase my first "serious" watch, have a couple of questions. Does anyone have any experience dealing with Tournea in NYC? Looking to purchase a Tudor ref. 79220R-95740. The list price on the watch is $3,675, and Tournea has it for $3,425, with NYC tax the total would be right around $3,730. I'd like to purchase it from an A.D and Tournea currently has an 18 month interest free financing option which is appealing to me. The thing is though, looking around the...
Thanks for reaffirming my thoughts gentleman. Reached out, lets see what he says.
Im heavily considering picking this up. I barely drive, just around town a few days a week, I work and spend most of my time in the city. Would probably be using this bad boy for errands and groceries, a few out of state trips a year. Dont think id be putting more than 5000 miles a year on it. tell me anything you think i should know. from everything ive read, with decent upkeep these old Mercs live forever. this seems like a very fair price too....
I want to see a baller bath/house robe, and some house slippers.
Whered you cop for that price? and if youre thinking of letting it go and its a L i would be interested
I forget if someone asked, or if you answered this Charly, is there a horsehide option for jackets?
Is there a chance of you guys doing a trunk show in the states anytime soon?
Did I make a mistake by leaving behind a Gieves and Hawkes bespoke sportcoat?
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