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Thanks for reaffirming my thoughts gentleman. Reached out, lets see what he says.
Im heavily considering picking this up. I barely drive, just around town a few days a week, I work and spend most of my time in the city. Would probably be using this bad boy for errands and groceries, a few out of state trips a year. Dont think id be putting more than 5000 miles a year on it. tell me anything you think i should know. from everything ive read, with decent upkeep these old Mercs live forever. this seems like a very fair price too....
I want to see a baller bath/house robe, and some house slippers.
Whered you cop for that price? and if youre thinking of letting it go and its a L i would be interested
I forget if someone asked, or if you answered this Charly, is there a horsehide option for jackets?
Is there a chance of you guys doing a trunk show in the states anytime soon?
Did I make a mistake by leaving behind a Gieves and Hawkes bespoke sportcoat?
Do you guys put trees in your boots? just got a pair of beckmans and wondering if I should tree them when not wearing
Anyone making a slim fit, higher rise denim equipped with suspender buttons?
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