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I weighed 192.4 Thursday night. Friday morning I left for my friends cabin, over the course of Friday and Saturday I drank at least 30 beers, a liter of vodka, and probably about 20 mixed drinks at bars. Eating wise I actually think I did ok, we BBQed both nights and I just ate mad steaks and burgers. Came home few hours ago and weighed myself right then and there, 196. Not bad at all. No way that is 4lbs of fat, at least 2 of water and shit... will just do a few cardio...
Fuck nyc, I've lived here my entire life after moving from USSR, can't wait to gtfo
For real, I used to take onlines classes, and write papers for people in college. When the workload got too much, I just went to a doctor who was known for easily writing scripts, told him I couldnt focus on my school work, he wrote out a script right there on the spot. lawl.
Getting together with all my best friends from HS this weekend, we all still talk and hangout, just rarely get to assemble all together. Should be good times. I didn't really make any lasting, deep friendships in college... only HS.
Omar Isuf, a youtube fitness personality who is actually pretty cool refers to people who don't even lift, as "yolos." I think this is entertaining.For example"Don't be a yolo, make sure to warm up before any training session."
I like how Omar Isuf calls people WDEL "yolos" haha
I ate a lot more carbs than I have in a long time, and the difference is crazy and immediate. Muscles look almost pumped, sick vascularity.
I got a knobbly diddler in the order with the rehbands as well haha
Yeah, this is also true
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