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Only 2100 cals, and only 150 of them are protons? you're gonna die brah
BB type routine for a few months should take care of that. Are you still going to be eating at a deficit while doing this?
Well I mean, do you look like you lift now
Took my inzer out the box and it wouldn't fit in my work bag. Lady in the subway asked me if it was for my dog :foo :
Mind muscle connection is probably the most important thing in bodybuilding.
Inzer just arrived, sitting next to my desk at work. Can't wait to open. A lot of people say they had bad experiences with Inzer, I ordered my belt last monday, and it's here today, and when I called to ask about tracking they were nothing but nice.
Yeah was talkin bout motorbikes
Does anyone else here other than TRINI, ctk, and I ride bikes?
Well damn, seems like you can't win. I have always thought that goggles look pretty cool though... but the idea of getting smacked in the face by bugs is not appealing. could always do bandana + goggles.
Did you by any chance locate the review? Also do you think the problem would be alleviated if one wore goggles instead of using the face shield?
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