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Quote: Originally Posted by psyc1030 They are Berluti Then I stand corrected. The Grenson Trent model is identical, colour/eyelets/last shape. Very noice tho.
Quote: Originally Posted by psyc1030 an old photo of mine Grenson Trent (Rose Collection) if I'm not mistaken.
Quote: Originally Posted by miurasv It's a good job they do but the uppers look like they've only been polished but not refinished. I hope I'm wrong on this as my Mock Croc Cheaney boots will need redoing soon. That's a question for the factory I guess. It's unlikely they'll strip the leather down completely, more a case of removing the excess wax, the top few layers, conditioning, and then re-apply.
Quote: Originally Posted by upnorth Did they inform you or even keep track of the number of times you can send the shoes back for recrafting? The reason I'm asking is because I was told by C&J that I could only re-sole my shoes one more time, which effectively puts the limit at 2 full recraftings. I wonder if this is a company wide policy or a case by case basis. I've been told that many other factories similarly don't recraft more than 2 or 3 times...
Quote: Originally Posted by SE15 Many thanks, that's good to know. I'll give them a ring and see what they say. AS Bengal says a re-heel is fine. I've had many pairs re-heeled and then sent them in for a full resole.
Holy mother!
Quote: Originally Posted by Burton Groover, Can tell you that Chay can do pretty much anything in terms of medallions. If you want something in particular you should shoot AS an e-mail and Chay will work with you on it. Thanks Burton, It's something I've considered in the past and will continue to give some thought to.
Quote: Originally Posted by osborn Have you polished these shoes after receiving them or do the pics show them as they were received? I ask this because I feel that a shoe at this price and of handgrade profile should not be sent out with black polish/cream accumulating around the seams on the upper, or black strikes near the sole indicating that the black polish in the sole has leaked into the upper when the shoe was being polished I...
Quote: Originally Posted by PhiloVance Those Dovers ae nice! At the risk of dating myself and sounding like a trekkie nerd, this question reminds me of the simulation that Capt. Kirk reprograms because he doesnt accept the premise of a no-win situation. Anyway, I would humbly submit the EG Falkirk on the 82 last - as someone else mentioned earlier, EG does the Dover better than anyone else, but I've never really seen the Falkirk's broguing done by...
Quote: Originally Posted by bengal-stripe Looking good! I wonder, originally the boots had soles stitched aloft, now after the refurbishment, they are channelled (and have a painted waist). Did you ask for it especially, or was that just the way Cheaney did it? If you did ask for it, are there different prices for channelled and non-channelled soles (as with Crockett & Jones)? Thanks. Requesting Oak Bark results in the sole finish...
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