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Some photos I took during the week.               Wearing my grey and blue flannel suits before I put them away.            
  Thank you! Much appreciated!
As I said, im still learning and that's the reason I post here! ;) Thank you!  
Coffee in town.         12 hours of studying. The clothing keeps me motivated for some reason?         Another day at the university. (The pants are suppose to be dark brown not grey) I apologize for not tightening the tie enough.....         Valentine's Day. Dinner with my beloved.       Please tell me it looks good :S Still learning!  
    Grey suit, brown wool tie and a navy blue overcoat.   Apologies for the poor quality.
Yea, agree. The description made me doubt aswell.
Just purchased this blazer from ebay. What do you guys think? Is it fully canvassed or not? Mabye half?
Hi!   I just bought this blazer from ebay. But im uncertian if it is authentic?   I hoped you guys could help me! It cost me $66 with shipping included. Have i made a good "investment"?   The price made me doubt, but on the other hand the jacket have some pretty nice handstiched lapels and pockets.   So, whats your thoughts?       /Teo  
    Yet another day!  
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