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What do you guys think?   75$ for both! Good deal or? Navy and grey    
Kinda like it anyway :)  
    Do you guys have any idea what fabric this could be? The seller do not know.   Wool? Linnen? Polyster? Any ideas?   It's a LANVIN PARIS for Harris & Frank.   /Dask
  Didn't believe a pose could mean so much to a human being. My apologies Mr Spoo.
        Good or bad?
DB Seersucker ( Do I need to buy some lighter ties or does this kinda tie work?)   Work   Out of town once again! (Just left it at my local tailor to get some tapering one the arms)  
Couldn't agree more :)    
Thank you sir!
City     Country
Monday! Still time for tweed.   Wednesday! Less is more.   Friday! Afterwork.   Saturday! (My new jacket) Good or bad?   Sunday! Out of town  
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