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A whole lot has been going on I see. I will be coming thru to see check you guys out. I have been lurking on the site for quite some time just too lazy to click the forgot password button. Im in the market for a new pair of indigo goodness.
Talk about a boring ending. They completely blew it...SMH
If they had given this an R rating and added Omega Red, I would have called this a blockbuster. Hopefully they tetter along the line b/w PG-13 and R, so we get some decent violence in this film.
I am stuck in a Disco and Funk groove as of late. So I been jamming to Slave, Brothers Johnson and Bootsy Collins.
No that Im back up here in NJ/NYC. I will be hopping on the amtrak to come join you fine folks for an evening of revelry.
Quote: Originally Posted by fcuknu Taking the train from seq will be much quicker than taking the path, plus you dont have to go into JC, thats always a plus. The problem with Secaucus is that New Jersey Transit does not run all night. The last train runs at one something. i was assuming that the OP might have wanted to party. If he is just going to watch the ball drop...then seq is the best bet.
You def want to go train all the way. Its going to be a madhouse driving in NYC on New Year's Eve. Park in downtown Jersey City near the PATH station...Newport or Grove Street stop. Unless you are able to find parking in Hoboken to take the train from there.
Prince just has so many awesome songs...IMO I am currently stuck on "The Beautiful Ones" and "Insatiable."
I liked Casino Royale and I like the direction they took Bond in. Craig is a brute and I appreciate the lack of all the gadgetry. I like the rough and coarse Bond. Also, the opening sequence and the first 10-15 minutes of the film are awesome. I esp love the opening credits. With that said Quantum of Solace did not live up to my expectations of a sequel. I did not learn anything new in the film and was left wanting to know more - in a bad way. I think the third film will...
Una Pizza Napoletana Lombardi's
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