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Haven't lately. One email was responded to in less than 30min the other evening. Maybe try sending it again during Indian hours of business?
@gazman70k impeccable fit and style. One of the best I have seen here IMHO.
To me it seems like a hybrid of MTM and bespoke. I say this because to my knowledge, MTM is based on pre designed patterns which are then altered for each individual, but there are limitations in tolerance etc because of the pattern. With Luxire, it seems that each pattern is unique and there are no limits to what can be done on fit.
^^ Your comment raises a question that I have been wanting to ask. When we order a shirt, is it truly bespoke or are there patterns that they work off of and modify based on our input?
Order with changes made to old pattern placed Aug 9th. Shipping confirmation Aug 27th. Not bad.
^^ Damn fine outfit. Deets on the jacket?
Thanks for the feedback Viral.  I should have elaborated when I said bunching. I was referring to how a lot of pants will drape the shoe because their leg opening is wide enough to cover the distance from the back of the shoe to the tongue, where the top lace is tied. With a 7.85" hem, do your pants just cover the distance from the back of the shoe to tongue, or fall somewhere in the middle?
About to pull the trigger on some 80105 Simpsons but have a question about how pants fit with the shoe. Most of my pants are pretty fitted and have a leg opening of 6.25" - 6.75" (Half width). With those numbers, my pants fit nicely over my AE 5th St boots but I am wondering if they will bunch up around the Simpson last instead of draping nicely over the shoe. What do you guys think? Even if they don't drape, would that still look good or is it better to have a clean drape...
I recommend the Navy Twill Chino for warmer weather or the Tan Twill Chino. Both are great fabrics and have a soft feel, with the Tan Twill being slightly softer but a bit warmer in my opinion.
I have to an extent for length but I don't have any polos that I would want to really replicate measurement wise beyond that point. Finding a good fitting polo has been a struggle in the past. For reference I'm 5'9, 140lbs with 37" chest and 29.5" waist. Don't think that's too unusual of a combination but none the less I figured it would be easier to use the measurements that were already on file from my previous orders. 
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