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Cool, thanks joewmoss.
Anyone had a denim jacket made out of the 14 Oz Dark Indigo? If so, what kind of shrinkage did you get?   Thanks, GrensonMan
Greetings Gentleman,    Looking for fit critiques on one of my favorite shirts. I am going to order a Luxire shirt and base it off this shirt. Please let me know what areas can be improved. Personally, I think I can go a bit higher in the arm hole and take in the waist slightly. Maybe 1/8" on the fold. I seem to have pretty sloping shoulders and as a result, I get some visible tug from the trap to the armpit, especially on shirts where the chest is a bit tighter. As...
Getting stuck is what I am afraid of. Sometimes I feel like working in SAP is a waste of my engineering degree. On the flip side, there is the potential to do very well in SAP and the consulting/managing experience can translate nicely to other industries. 
Wanted to connect with any of the other members that implement SAP. My area of focus is MM. How did you get into SAP and what do you think the future holds for SAP consultants? I have been out of college for 1.5 yrs. and studied Mechanical Engineering at a top 10 school. I am starting to rethink my decision of entering the SAP world. The reason being, I am having to deal with offshore counterparts much more frequently than I would like and it has been a very frustrating...
Bump.     If this is not the correct section for critiques let me know, I will delete and move. 
Greetings All,   I am going to have a shirt made by Luxire but before I do, I wanted to improve upon what I considered my best fitting shirt. Some things that I have noticed (but may be incorrect) is that I have sloping shoulders which cause the fabric to pull from the traps to the arm pit. This is usually apparent in a shirt that is more form fitting in the chest. The arm length seems to be spot on and is comfortable. I would like to see the arm holes a bit higher as I...
So far I am loving my pants! Luxire has really impressed me with their quality and customer service. Pics to follow later today.    Quick question for the experts. Currently, my pants rest about 1.0" below my belly button. If I want to wear them at the same level of the belly button, do I just need to increase the rise by 1.0" and the length of the legs by 1.0"? Would you guys mess with the hip measurement much since the pants will rest 1.0" higher?    Thanks!
Going on Safari in South Africa in mid September. Seriously considering having several shirts made with side hip pockets for bullets and a waist cinch. Thoughts? I saw something earlier in the thread that looked very similar to what I am thinking and it looked damn good. 
North Carolina?
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