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Up for sale is 465 meters of Dugdale cotton and wool. The fabric can be cut to your desired specifications and shipped. The fabric is located in Bangalore, India not far from the Luxire facilities so if you want to have a custom item made with this fabric it is located in the perfect spot. The following colors and fabrics are available:   The code displayed after the color is the Dugdale SKU for reference.   Wool: $29/meter Beige - 8967 Duck Egg Blue - 8949 Light...
Greetings all,   Through a series of events it looks like I may (deal could fall through) be taking possession of a decent amount of Dugdale fabric. I could not possibly use it all for my suiting, etc so I wanted to see if there was an interest in purchasing the fabric via the marketplace. Looks like I will have the following fabrics...
I think given your tight timeline you are better off canceling if you haven't heard back by Monday evening. I would send one more email Sunday evening and roll the dice. If no response you are better of trying again at a later date under less time stringent circumstances.
^^ You will have better luck with a response if you email them during their operation hours. I always get responses quickly because I send emails at 10pm US CT which is like 8:30am for luxire. I doubt you will get a delivery date guarantee by them because things get caught up in customs sometimes and frankly I wouldn't make that guarantee either.
^^Thank you for the tip. I will definitely do that.
@CosmeDaniel yes I believe I have forward leaning shoulders. I am unsure on how they would compensate but I will add that to my notes to Luxire.
Any suggestions on what to tell Luxire to get the point across that I have sloping shoulders and my shirts need more slope? My last two attempts at conveying this have failed. The lines running from my armpit to trap are very apparent and make the shirt less comfortable to wear.
^^ Excellent fit and style. What is your height and leg opening width?
Just got my two shirts in. The short sleeve fits well but Luxire ignored my request to increase shoulder slope so I have lines running from armpit to trap AGAIN. Same problem on the long sleeve and they didn't make the 0.5" reduction in the bicep that I requested. I guess I can ship them back and deal with that pain in the ass or just accept it. I'm starting to think they can do pants great and shirts just ok. Edit: Went back and measured everything. Looks like they...
Not the best pic. I would rather die than ask someone at work to take a pic haha.
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