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So they charge you 800+ for a suit that's made overseas in presumably Shenzhen?  Wow.   I'm curious as to the cuts of the suits that come out, and the legitimacy of the fabric that's of the pricier kind like many posters have shown.
  Seriously, you are not going to get much help here as soon as you equate club monaco/BR/JCrew with nice.   Focus on the fit, whether you will look sharp in it rather than some middle aged 1/2 bald dude looking for punani.    
They usually have chest sizes of 36, 38, etc. for suits.  If you are looking for blazers some may have the SML sizing.
I think most interviewees in tech still go in with a suit - though it's pretty much a giveaway that you are interviewing.  At the min, I expect candidates to come in with a button up shirt, tie and slacks even if they are applying for technical positions.
since when has jcrew or br suits been made in the US?  I've almost haven't seen anything from them made in the US for the last 10 years.
Some EA stuff are actually also made by GAO SpA, assuming GAO = Giorgio Armani Operations   Also let's not assume that the op necessarily have thousands to splurge on a black label canvassed suit.   
+1  However going to 109 can be a quite an experience and represent the general younger Japanese clothing culture.
I'm well aware that Ramen is not a Japanese invention but originated in China, just like Gyoza.  However I'm also assuming that someone asking for advice for Tokyo is to go visit, and not spend months there.  My first intuition when I visit is look at what is the best local food.   And of course, cuisine preferences are always subjective.  So if someone really likes French per se, it may serve them well to find a nice French restaurant where ever they venture.    
Honestly when I go to Tokyo I stay away from anything NON Japanese.  Sure they have a fine selection of snobby eatery the likes of Robuchon and fine Italia, but it's really the local Mom and Pop's shop that really takes the cake.    I tend to venture around the smaller streets of Akasaka, Ginza, and of course how can I not stop at Tsukiji?   BTW, if you guys are into beef there's a place called Ginza Gyu-An that was simply awesome.  It's a tad hard to find but...
I don't think those are SF approved brands ...
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