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Those loafers look like an older pair.  Lloyd aren't marketed much here in the US, but they are sold at Nordstrom's (online) and the higher priced models are generally made in Germany.  The last time I saw one in person is when I was shopping in Hong Kong, and the quality seems fine.     My dad bought a pair of black wingtips way back in the day in the late 80s and I remember they were built very well.  
This is indeed great news.  Too bad they are late to my annual summer purchases and I used up my budget on new shoes.
It appears the order went through just fine and my cc is charged.  usually when I place an order online and it was accepted, the stock of item should be updated within minutes which was I posted this question.   Case closed. 
I'm not in the right income bracket for G&G and EG , but here's what I was able to buy based on a favorable pound to USD ratio:   2 pairs of Cheaneys (one monkstrap and one country brogue balmoral), both on sale for $210 USD after shipping (if you can get around the site with tricky location setting and shipping you might likely pay another 10% less)   1 pair of Santoni double monk from Selfridges.  Was able to complete a full transaction in pounds.  Regularly at 580...
Hi,   I searched the forum but could not find a specific answer.  I would like to order from Selfridges and take advantage of the USD to pound exchange rate by paying in pounds.  The order price should be the price on the site, less VAT, and add shipping charges.     Default currency however is USD as I am ordering from the US, but if I would pay about 10% more which I wouldn't want to do.   Has anyone done this before?  Just wondering if there are any...
actually the 25$ off per 200 works online as well, though the selection online is pretty slim
Bumping this thread.  For those in SF the store is supposedly planned for a Spring opening, then Summer in Union Square on Maiden Lane.     Does anyone have an opening date?  Curious to see the product in person for the very first time.
Maurizi's dont get much love here, but you are talking to a crowd here who are dying devoters to the like of C&J, John Lobb, Aldens and Allen Edmonds.  Almost all of these are VERY conservative shoes, mostly rounded and look a bit "bulky" save for a few.   I've picked up a pair of tan Maurizi oxford wingtips for about 120 dollars on Myhabit last year after a 30% off coupon and they are definitely a great deal for that price.  Compared to my Fratelli and Ferragamo I agree...
 See cutway or semi spread on this site: http://www.hughandcrye.com/pages/dress-shirt-collars From what I can on kamkura's pictures they don't have this type of collar, which most RTW common brands like Zara, BR, do.  I prefer Kamakura's shirt as they have the fit and sleeve length which would fit me better than the above options.
The only problem I see with the shirts is there's no smaller collar option.  (More like a straight collar, not spread nor point)  Wondering if this option will become available?
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