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 Nope.  Perfectly fine for an interview since the underlying dominant color is still grey.   It's perfectly fine.  I can't tell you how many dudes I have interviewed in my career come in with a straight up black suit.
I would if I need a houndstooth sportcoat
 What I meant was the site layout, not the actual product.  I am well aware of the differences, and challenges between one and the other.  The default view where you see various model poses, etc. was a knock off of Suitsupply.  
Black suits are pretty much the default in asian countries for mens business attire. Vm is right that its the reverse of the US where if you wear anything white as a dress, jacket, or coat to a wedding you are asking to get your ass kicked. Only person who is now ok to wear white is the bride, as white is the default color for funerals, afaik for chinese or chinese influenced countries.
 Most of the racks when I was there showed additional 30, 40, or 50 % off from the already reduced prices. There were at least about 15 - 20 suits in the middle aisle (not the far aisle by Hugo) that had this type of clearance on the 30th.
Weird.  The site no longer lists the two founders though Google has a direct link here: https://www.indochino.com/about/founders   My guess is the business was sold and now run by a bunch of eCommerce guys: http://www.indochino.com/about/management   The site looks almost like a cheaper version of Suit Supply 
For those who are in the San Francisco Bay Area, Bloomingdales in SF Union Square has some of the current season suits at about 65 % off or so after an additional 50 % off (saw one marked from 1800 down to about 550).  Mostly 3 roll 2 but a few 2 buttons.  Mostly grey and blue patterns in flannel style however.  Superb value if you ask me.
I think the racy ads from Suitsupply doesn't sit well with the far left of the SF crowd, who even put up signs that Porn is killing love.   I mean, really???   NYC and SF are almost equally left, but the former just has a bit more common sense.  And this is from a guy who grew up in San Francisco.   You might as well buy from the site in the meantime.
According to this guy in this article: http://www.cnbc.com/id/102424837   Not sure what year and where.  Heck my dad's MTM suits in HK back in the late 80s were already over $300 USD.
not sure I follow but it appears we are buying a suit without structure (no canvassing, etc.) now being passed off as some sartorial excellence only because Kiton makes them?  sounds like another version of hermes man on brand whoring in a different way.
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