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 C&J through US retailers is a ripoff at current exchange rate.  You are much better off ordering from UK directly, or through one of the UK/EU retailers as they usually will take off VAT as well when you make a purchase.
 My experience with Fratelli and Santoni is that they are at least 1/2 size larger.  Sometimes 1 full size but YMMV.
Tech guys starting a winery is nothing new.  Though I can't find either of the Naravane brothers on Linkedin so I am curious how they actually got started.  Probably sold a ton of stocks from a startup to fund this business full time.   A ton of techies from the Bay Area would love to do it - just gotta hit the jackpot first.
 GZ = Giuseppe Zanotti?
Appears the Soho (Madison is discontinued) is only available through Design Your Suit program, but the problem is obvious that the up charge in USD is pretty signifiicant (399 euros vs 639 USD)   Is it possible to buy from the EU and ship to the US?  I figure this would be a NO, but worth a try.
A lot of opinions are shoved into that Hondinkee article.  Rolex does stand out because of the established stereotype:   1 - A non watch enthusiast would associate that as the king of watches 2 - Ever after these become watch enthusiast they scoff at Rolex for having little complications, etc. 3 - Until they realize their GP, JLC just won't hold a candle to Rolex's resale value   I own a Milgauss, and I feel it's substantial enough to last through (God forbid) air...
These are still available brand new, but only in very limited sizes but the price is very good:http://www.fransboonestore.com/collections/final-sales-50-use-code-final50/products/crockett-and-jones-seymour-dark-brown-rev-calf-suede?variant=7286217281http://www.fransboonestore.com/collections/final-sales-50-use-code-final50/products/crockett-and-jones-seymour-navy-rev-calf-suede?variant=7286296193 Both are in the C&J handgrade range, but in an older 337 last.  Others may...
 Probably brand recognition, which the likes of John Lobb won't have.  Put it this way ... I know about A Testoni when I was a kid because of their boutique in a mall that I used to go to with my parents.  Ferragamo has much stronger brand recognition.  I only know about John Lobb ever since I researched shoes on this forum about 2 years ago. My gut feeling on the price increases are:- Increased awareness of the brand with newer markets (i.e. China)- They will increase...
Not necessarily to bump an old thread, but I wouldn't use Nordstrom Rack price as a barometer to track MSRP. Also most of the Black Label shoes now carry and MSRP north of $800.     Maybe they are now better known than 10 years ago?  But their prices are very similar to those of Ferragamo (which they likely compete against head to head primarily), and I think both are in line.   The trick is to look at whatever is being sold on Gilt, 6pm, and also Amazon if you want to...
Nomos is not for everyone.  My wife for example finds nothing appealing about it - she only wears Rolex and Cartier.  But it does go well in a more modern suit (not the flannel or stripes with peak lapels type), along with shorts and a pair of sneakers.  
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