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I have the Tangente Datum and because of its thin bezel look, the dial makes the watch looks deceivingly big (comparable to many 40 - 41 mm cases).  I believe w/o the date you lose 2 mm or so (35.5) which is noticeable when compared side by side, but not so when you wear it.    As in probably all general cases, the white dial/black strap will make any watch look more formal.  Light brown will always make it casual and go better with jeans and a t-shirt.  Dark brown is...
Hi All,   In the past I wasn't partial to Brioni because they appeared too conservative.  I've tried on a couple at my local off 5th a week ago and they actually look pretty good and the fabric was pretty good.  Some questions however ...   1 - Do they have different cuts?  The one I tried on appeared to be a classic (tapered below the chest), regular notched lapels and normal sleeves  Will be curious to see if they have a slim cut (I dont' have thick arms so a...
Do Benjamin and 1818 have slimmer cuts?
Yoox always makes anything look terrible, so it's best to see it in person.  The rise is pretty aggressive on the low side, but taht doesn't mean that it's bad unless you absolutely hate this kind of look and prefer the classic type because you arent slim enough to fit in.
Well, that's what Bluefly says:   http://www.bluefly.com/Zegna-Z-Zegna-grey-wool-mohair-blend-2-button-suit-with-flat-front-pants/cat10028/316070501/detail.fly   Can anyone confirm?  With a recent extra 25% off coupon they seem reasonable
Think before you type.  Apparently you don't care for the labor cost of where a particular item is made, but it's well known if you are familiar with the garment industry in HK that most of the operations has now been relocated to Shenzhen's outskirts with cost savings well in the double digits.  The labor cost between a worker in a HK factory vs one in the mainland is close to a factor 1 to 2.5.  This is why many of those operations shut down in the mid 90s.   If what...
Funny, browsed around bluefly's related results and a number of Gucci suits are described as fused.   Here's a Hugo Boss POS that's actually canvassed: http://www.bluefly.com/Hugo-Boss-Hugo-Boss-Black-black-wool-The-James--Sharp-2-micro-striped-two-button-suit-with-flat-front-pants/PDP_CROSS_SELL/315705101/detail.fly   I guess that makes the Prada suit crap ...
Wow a $1600 cheap crap.  I'm certainly feeling below the poverty line these days.   If it's fused it's likely not Belvest. 
If they make their suits in Shenzhen then 800 is yes, a lot.  If made in HK it would be a fair price, and made in US (assuming min wage labor) would be a deal.
So they charge you 800+ for a suit that's made overseas in presumably Shenzhen?  Wow.   I'm curious as to the cuts of the suits that come out, and the legitimacy of the fabric that's of the pricier kind like many posters have shown.
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