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Indochino is no longer an indy outlet - no pun intended.  I've been them advertise on Facebook last year as I've seen suggest posts by them after I liked a couple of fashion related pages.  This part of the reason why the thread sorta died.
 For a MTM shirt they really did a poor job and look almost one size too big.  One would think the sleeve length should be proper at the very least. It looks like they they need to open the sides, remove excess fabric at the chest area to slim down the chest portion, along with cutting off excess fabric on the sleeve, and shorten the sleeve length.  
I used Frank for slimming a shirt which he did pretty well.  What he did was removed the existing darts, and sewed from the inside that was much sturdier than the original factory darts.  I was he did that pretty well and will take a couple more shirts for that same purpose.   I didn't choose him for my new suit earlier as he doesn''t do func buttons.  
I wound up choosing Ricardo's as he's somewhat convenient as it's about 15 min away from my commute route, and also based on some of the Yelp reviews and one recommendation on this thread.  The others closer to where I live or work just don't do functional buttons, and going up to San Francisco is too much of a drive and hassle esp with a baby boy at home.   He didn't ask a whole lot of questions - basically did what a typical tailor would do - had me wear my suit as is,...
the 2 suits i got from yoox about 2 years ago had the tags attached to the one of the button holes of the jacket, so that's a first.  As others have said just keep the tag with the garment when you return (probably just tie a know so it doesn't fall off during transport.
After going through the Yelp reviews I went with Andrea's in Millbrae first but on the phone he said he doesn't do functional cuffs.  Not worth it in his opinion.  Went to Ricardo's in Sunnyvale who said yes, but will be $129 with sleeve shortening.     Any thoghts?  Is the price too high or just about right?  More importantly, if you have had suits altered at Ricardo's did you come away happy with his work?   TIA.
caruso suits which i was looking at didn't flinch, the corneliani is gone and the paul smith suit i looked at went down from 540 to 375 (great deal for what appears to be in picture judging by the lapel shape, a mainline paul smith suit)  alas but my size is gone.  $ saved.
 Latest is there is one planned in SF early this year.  http://us.suitsupply.com/en_US/store?StoreID=stores-San-Fransisco Should be a huge hit for the city.  For us down in Silicon valley however we are still waiting for ZARA.
There are several other online MtM options - just do a google and you will see.  The reason why TaT and Indochino get so much love here is because they are active on this forum, and also people have recommended them.  I have seen that the opinions vary, and if you are going to drop $500 for a suit and hoping it's canvassed, with a nice fabric and fits you to the T, it just won't happen.  Even less so for an online outlet who just ships the measurements back to their...
Hi all,   I just picked up a new suit that's basted - basically the buttons haven't been sewn on the cuffs yet.  I llive in San Carlos and tried two cleaners/tailors in the area who wouldn't be able to do surgeon cuffs - the latter said she can do it by hand but without a buttonhole machine.  I'm not sure if they will be 100% symmetrical since the holes should be punched with a machine first before they are sewn.   With all that said, I would love to give Bob a try,...
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