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 On the T&C page, they did say that non EU prices are VAT free whereas EU countries are VAT inclusive.  Here's the problem.  Take this nice double buckle listed at 350 GBP: http://www.cheaney.co.uk/collections-c2/130th-anniversary-collection-c38/cheaney-freeman-burnished-double-buckle-boot-in-mocha-calf-leather-p441 but listed as $595 after it geolocated me in the US.   The math should work out like: 350 GBP" - " 20% VAT" * " 1.31 GBP to USD ratio=  $366 Since Cheaney also...
If that is true that is sad news indeed.  The Merlots looked awesome, but by the time that final sale was on my size was gone.   Who knows, the color may return in a couple of seasons.
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does anyone know if there's a way to pay in GBP and delivered to the US on Cheaney's own site?  I tried a couple of routes but it finally defaulted to USD, which unfortunately is a premium based on exchange rate and VAT deduction.  
I had a chance to check out the Palo Alto store that was just recently opened today.  They are doing a 15% off sale on shoes and AE branded accessories.  I've checked out a couple of models (classic McAllister, Moras)  No merlot models from what I can tell, but I'm not sure that I fit the typical clientele judging by the reaction of the sale staff.   Leather quality is pretty decent, but finishing from what I can tell is not as good as some of my other shoes (Cheaney,...
2 (50) buck chuck FTMFW 
 He does, for example this: http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-SANTONI-Dress-GOODYEAR-Shoes-Size-Eu-42-5-Uk-8-5-Us-9-5-GY11-/162097609505?hash=item25bdc53b21:g:NJoAAOSwnFZXWDyE Price is definitely higher for the GY line, and some higher end FAM lines.
 Jesus that is one amazing patina + shine.  
As much as I love to come, the only thing holding me back is not SF members but potentially any Internet Dbags that I might run into when I want to stick a nicely made SuitSupply sock in their mouth and push them down the stairs.   End of rant.
 Indeed it is.  Here's the exact shoe I bought in UK7 though it's back to full price now, and also a little more exp than last season: http://www.selfridges.com/GB/en/cat/santoni-carter-double-buckle-leather-monk-shoes_5120-10004-7713654109/?previewAttribute=Wine Also the difference, though subtle, are the nails in the toe area of the sole.  Mine didn't have any.
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