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 Personally I wouldn't get that as a wedding watch.  It's a sports watch in the purest sense, not under the cuff of a shirt, let alone inside a suit. With that said, I would suggest visiting the dealers in London and get a quote.  I think the VAT % is between 18 to 19 %.  I do not know of any reputable online sellers there.  Best of luck!
 For a GB Packers fan, it's hard not to conjure about this guy when I saw the initials: http://www.nfl.com/player/aaronrodgers/2506363/profile
 Grand Seikos don't get much respect overall, but watch enthusiasts know they are up there.  How much do they retail for in the secondary market?  I am interested in looking at a spring drive model, used.  
On a real note, opened a bottle of 2009 Duhart Milon on Monday night.  Thought it would be too young but wanted to give it a try.  Surprisingly good drinking young, with deep dark violet color.  Tasted rich, but mostly dusty at first where the tannins dominate.  After 2 hours of decant the fruit opened up and it was a very good wine.  Would be curious to see how it evolves.
@Chowkin  assuming you are being geolocated in Hong Kong the price you see is somewhat accurate (not fully as the VAT deduction is only about 12 %)  but you are still paying a more accurate price.  Clearly this isn't reflected for US pricing.  
 I tried jumping on these when they had the extra 25% off about 3 - 4 weeks ago, then they basically ran out.  Then when I checked this morning, ah ha they came back in that exact, size 8D.  More than likely someone returned them or there's still some stock left.  
 On the T&C page, they did say that non EU prices are VAT free whereas EU countries are VAT inclusive.  Here's the problem.  Take this nice double buckle listed at 350 GBP: http://www.cheaney.co.uk/collections-c2/130th-anniversary-collection-c38/cheaney-freeman-burnished-double-buckle-boot-in-mocha-calf-leather-p441 but listed as $595 after it geolocated me in the US.   The math should work out like: 350 GBP" - " 20% VAT" * " 1.31 GBP to USD ratio=  $366 Since Cheaney also...
If that is true that is sad news indeed.  The Merlots looked awesome, but by the time that final sale was on my size was gone.   Who knows, the color may return in a couple of seasons.
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does anyone know if there's a way to pay in GBP and delivered to the US on Cheaney's own site?  I tried a couple of routes but it finally defaulted to USD, which unfortunately is a premium based on exchange rate and VAT deduction.  
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