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I know this is not a very versatile piece, but it's defintiely an eye popper.   I also like the how the back look and tried on an identical cut at store which fit really well.  Can anyone comment on this type of heavy tweed that;s used on other SS products?  Would love to get some feedback.  Thanks!
Well, I ordered a shirt on Monday morning and received confirmation, and it is still in processing state.  Not sure how others can get their orders so quickly.
Looks like the mass email went out earlier this morning.  More overcoats have been added.   Saw a couple of La Spallas earlier this morning.  Wondering if they will do another restock with new items tomorrow?  
 I would say for $119 it's hard to do better.  I can't say however if it's split suede or not, but otherwise blake construction with a leather sole with rubber insert is pretty decent for what they are asking for.
Glad that someone snatched the soho blue striped DB that I was eyeing for the last 2 hours.  Couldn't hit the pay button because of the $100 price increase reported earlier on this thread, and don't want to feel like getting ripped off.
 Thanks for the pointer.  No go for me based on the $100 increase.  
Definitely prices in the eu outlet was much better.  Though I did see this shirt in person last season in the San Francisco store I believe:   and though $50 is worth the try given the general positive consensus on SS shirts.   Quick question - does the Soho tend to fit longer than the other jackets (Lazio, Washington, etc.) by default?  Was thinking of one but if it's longer, than the size won't work...
Nice Navy GYW balmorals 
 I would say you would get the smallest crowds typically in winter, from nov to feb.  May tends to be pretty popular since the weather is warm (not too hot), with summer being the worst due to the large tourist traffic. Driving from San Francisco to Napa would typically take about 1 hr 15 to 1 hr 30 minutes.  If you plan to visit a large number of wineries I suggest staying at a hotel in the area.
The site uses your cookie to geolocate, so if you use incognito or private mode you should be able to get in and complete checkout.  Only problem of course without stating the obvious, is unless you have an EU address someone will have to proxy it for you.   One quesiton - for some reason on my browser all the Long and Short sizes of suits/jackets are not in the right number.  For short, they start in the twenties like 23, 24, and 25. What the heck?  Does anyone know...
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