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According to this guy in this article: http://www.cnbc.com/id/102424837   Not sure what year and where.  Heck my dad's MTM suits in HK back in the late 80s were already over $300 USD.
not sure I follow but it appears we are buying a suit without structure (no canvassing, etc.) now being passed off as some sartorial excellence only because Kiton makes them?  sounds like another version of hermes man on brand whoring in a different way.
I'm assuming the OP wants new, and not used.  If he wants used heck he should even look into kiton for that price range.
Anyone knows when the San Francisco store will open?  I would love to stop by.
http://www.artofmanliness.com/2010/02/12/the-art-of-manliness-suit-school-part-i-fused-vs-canvassed-suits/   I wouldn't say there's really that much difference, though the really picky ones here in SF Classic will tear me a new one on that.  On the plus side, having an extra layer to the bottom of the jacket gives it a bit more form, though if the jacket is a heavier weight fabric the difference would be minimal.
If you allow $200 for tailoring it can *definitely* be done.  Shortening sleeves + tightening/expanding waist + hem + take in waist of the jacket are the most common alterations and all together should run you 150 max, unless you have functioning button holes.   Suitsupply should be worthy of consideration, *unless* you care about Made in XXX.  Note most of their suits have functioning button holes which is a pain for sleeve shortening unless you only need to have take...
Hey all,   I couldn't find an answer after STFF so I figure I would post a thread and hopefully someone may know.   Attached are pics that of a PS mainline suit that I picked up from Yoox recently.  $360 after tax and IMHO not bad.  But the functional buttons just makes alteration a lot more $$$ - my local tailor quotes $130 to shorten sleeves from the shoulder (he said will require slight slimming of the button hole since it's about 1.25 in reduction.   Does anyone...
Sizing will always be an issue with online stores unless you know the brand well that you know exactly what fits you best.     I've shopped on myhabit and once tried on a canali but it was awful fitting for a 38.  Unless I am either super ripped like Maurice Jones Drew with super long legs.  Then bought a corneliani size 38 off gilt, and it fit about as well as any size 38 fits - it was a keeper   Now i just got a Paul Smith mainline suit off yoox (after addl 10pct...
To date I have yet to find a problem with Yoox except for one of suits I got which I know was severely discounted as it was defective (wrong stitching, etc.)  I probably should have returned it but kept it as the price was pretty good.  Turns out I wear it all the time and didn't care at the end ...   Reading through the forums here I know that some of the items are off-spec or defective from Yoox, but for the most part they are NOS (New old stock - usually stuff 1...
Looks like both got picked up.  But not too many people wear 3 btn suits these days.  If you can pull it off without looking like a guy stuck in year 2000 go ahead. (I know I can't)   Not too coincidentally, most of the 3 button models of Caruso have a steeper discount.
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