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 I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing.  Even for places like LA fashion seems to be super generic (just my humble opinion).  I think of it like a more refined version of the puffy Uniqlo vests that everyone wears these days.
 The coat I have to say is very ho hum.  The fabric is likely nice, but the cut is not very flattering, and that color means you will visit the cleaners pretty often.   I could have easily mistaken the coat from BR or GAP. I actually think the vest is OK.  No waiters wear a puffy waistcoat.  I think it works well with dark denim and in general, business casual attire (no chinos IMHO), but like shirt underneath.
 Maybe when you do this ... 
Thanks for the suggestion.  Worst come worst I can always go through Chase Sapphire since that's what I used to purchase.  Based on the others reporting wrong orders, I am wondering if SuitSupply is possibly just sending out mislabeled item without cross checking?  Because based on this experience I am pretty turned off.     Suitsupply does much less business than Amazon, and for the hundreds of orders I've placed through Amazon I have only received one incorrect order...
 For those who are interested, customer support respond to me earlier this morning where they did admit fault, but no longer have the coat in stock.  So aha, a store credit.  At least they didn't ignore my email but I was hoping a credit card refund. Would anyone know if the credit expires, or if it can only be used for specific countries and if it excludes the outlet?  
 Bummer.  wonder if this is more of an inherent outlet issue where they are digging up piles of older stock?  More reason why I would only purchase from them in person next time since there's s physical store about 25 miles from me. I emailed their service email after calling their customer support line.  Let's see what happens.
So I just got my supposedly Merano cut coat today.  But what arrived was a peak lapel Bleecker cut.  I am not very happy about this but the Merano was a better fit for me when I tried it at the store.  The Bleecker looks nice, but the Merano felt a bit more form fitted for me with the backstrap which I really liked.   Attached is a screenshot of the product when I placed the order:     The tag had "Sample" written on it in the chest pocket of 399, while the outside...
 Not too much unless you really want to have a perfect fit for the neck.  The extra .5 in shouldn't be much of an issue, but at the very least you should have better chest and arm comfort
If the fabric is a flannel variety, then yes pretty likely.
some restocks today in suits, jackets and outerwear section FWIW.  No new stock from what I can see.  
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