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 FWIW the founders exited basically after the company was acquired.  Both of them likely got a nice cut out of the deal, and needless to say it's one of the rare success stories in the MTM suit business.  I think we have to give them the props.  Since 2014 it is run by a bunch of eCom guys and gals - all they care about is squeezing the last cent.  None of them have a clothing or brand background except for 1 guy who manages the product line. But close to high end it is...
 The zipper version is MUCH easier to pull off. That said if you want to get noticed, get the DB version but to me that's just an odd item.
 The Jort suits are worth it if you compare MSRP to MSRP of similar quality suits, but savvy buyers will either frequent eBay or outlets where it's easy to find previous season(s) Isaia or Zegna suits at $1K USD or just a little above.  Since the Jort stuff only goes on sale twice a year assuming the outlet will continue to open twice a year, I would much rather go the other route.  
Higher armholes are pretty standard in most OTR suits these past few years, so they really are nothing new. 
AFAIK and through feedback on several forums, the 337 last is an older handgrade model which I am not sure if C&J still makes.   Fransboone had a bunch of them last year during their summer sale when I picked up a pair for about $340 USD shipped.
 It actually fits you pretty well OTR.  The back, personally, I wouldn't care too much unless it really bothers you.  Otherwise I do find for some reason the sleeves are short on the Soho - though as another person has mentioned unless the button hole can look identical, I wouldn't bother with trying to open them up.  The suit is $499 or $599 and that job alone is more than $100.  For me I couldn't justify it.
Santoni quality ranges widely since they make a ton of different lines.  But if you go for the main lines. GYW, or even better, the limited edition models, the quality is very high.  Most people on this forum tend to be Anglophiles.  
 USD is pretty much a rip off on SuSu.  It's not a rip off compared to the many crappy brands we get in Trump-o-land (j/k), but knowing what they charge in EU means a no no for me.  I've only purchased through the outlet.
It's wonderful when on Google Search the same Alex model pops up for $405 at Selfridges, and $660 on their own site.  Shouldn't be a hard decision on whom I should order the shoe from.
I can't help but think of only the Joker could pull off something like that.  Just my opinion.
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