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Odd that anyone would cross shop Cucinelli and Bottega.  The latter is known primarily for leather goods.  
 The AE is a much better value.  Quality difference is minimal and not worth the almost 3 x price difference.
 Probably because prices haven't been that great lately.  Their sales certainly have been ho hum to say the least.
 I would check out the suits, sport coats, over coats, and some of the shirts.  Selection is pretty vast, and the staff is pretty friendly.  Agree with the other poster above that the rest of the items are meh.  I would skip the shoes, unless you are totally in love with how they look.
 It's hard to pull off that double breasted look in an American work setting, unless you work at a design agency or in fashion.  Frankly most people think you just look weird.  It's better to be used for non work occasions.  For European work culture maybe it's not as big of an issue.
 It's because of the high resale value.  Many who pull in decent change there (not necessarily millionaires even) will sport a SS Rolex oyster.  
Opened a 2012 La Dragon de Quintus last night.  Cost was $29 and I wasn't impressed.  It's an OK wine, but I can do better at the right bank for less.
http://www.santonishoes.com/us/leather-ankle-boots-43838.html   Not a typical Chelsea design, but I love the finish on the leather and the sole.  The price though, not so much :D
I've seen appreciation threads on AE, Alden, C&J, etc. but haven't found one for *gasp* Ferragamo.  Some of their shoes are quite nice.  Is there an appreciation thread somewhere?
 C&J through US retailers is a ripoff at current exchange rate.  You are much better off ordering from UK directly, or through one of the UK/EU retailers as they usually will take off VAT as well when you make a purchase.
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