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Anybody have a picture of a slim fit ocbd they had hemmed? Especially if you wear yours untucked
wish the chinos came in a 29 waist. skinny person problems :(
That's odd. I've talked to him twice via email in the last week. Corterleather@gmail.com
I bought a new saddle tan cardholder but its smaller than I had hoped. Quality on the new items is amazing. If anyone is interested ill let it go for under retail
Never heard of that happening. What exactly is their reasoning for not accepting your return? I can't see there being any problem if its clearly worn only to try on.
Thanks, a taper to 7" is exactly what I'm looking for. Not skinny, just slim. I'll order and try my luck.   Those short sleeves look awesome, any word on when they'll be online?
This is somewhat specific but does anyone happen to own size 29 vintage flat front chinos? I'm looking to pick up some khaki, gray, and olive pants that can be my go to's. I would go for the slim colored but unfortunately there's not much left in 29. My true waist is 30 so I can't really size up. I'm also looking at the $39 vintages because the $19 ones only come in a 30. I think they're the same pants though.   Just curious if anyone has measurements and if they are...
General question for raw denim wearers: How big do your actual thighs measure in circumference, and then what does your current denim's thigh measure? And would you say your denim is very tight on you, snug, or relaxed? I have 20" thighs and my denim measures 10.5" but it's still very tight and looks bad. Do most size up one full inch from their actual thighs? What is your thigh to denim thigh measurements and how do you feel about your fit?
Anywhere to still get indigo/indigo weird guys
Selling 3 pairs of J. Crew 484:   Essential Chino in British Khaki Essential Chino in Graphite Jeans in Resin Crinkle Wash   All three are tagged 29 waist, however they measure 15" in the waistband.   Had all three hemmed but tailor made them too short. Right about 28.5" for all of them, jeans may be 28.75".   Hemmed, washed, and never worn. I can't wear them now so am looking to cut my losses.   Asking $75 for jeans and $55 for each chino.
New Posts  All Forums: