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Get rid of those true religions please
Looking for any raw selvedge denim you may have, new or slightly used, with roughly these measurements to fit me:   Waist: 29-30" Thigh: 10.75-11" Knee: 7.6-7.8" Leg: 6.75-7"   Please PM me if you have something for sale.
Thank you for the clairification. I've measured all of my pants and they are virtually all 9.5. Is this considered a low rise? If I try something with 10.5, does that mean it should sit an inch closer to my belly button? And would I feel a difference/would there be any visual difference?   Does anyone know t-shirts made for shorter guys? My go to basic tees have been the $10 target meronas if anyone is familiar. However those, along with other t-shirts I have, all...
This is an extremely foolish question but can someone explain rise and what difference it makes to me. I've noticed recently all my t-shirts and buttondowns go to either at or past my crouch of my jeans. It looks silly IMO. I am not sagging my pants at all. Although I am 5'7 130lbs so small, I realize this may be simply because my shirts are too long. However I am buying smalls and x-smalls. I was just wondering if my jeans rise could be a factor in this. What difference...
I agree I just don't think weird guys are for me. I need to look into a different brand sadly. The fit just doesn't work for me, perhaps because I'm shorter and slim. The size of the pockets makes that area on the sides stick out a bit for me. Also I may have sized too tight on my pair but they just hug my thighs and I don't see it stretching much. I'm not if the big pockets work for me I think they just look odd and possibly mess with the fit. I think sidd's fit looks...
^depends on what kind of look you're going for but I'm a big fan of Nike janoskis or vans era. Skate/urban feel but can be done well in other ways.
Should I expect any shrinkage with the OCBDs after first wash?
I feel my new naked and famous are quite tight in the thigh. Almost looks silly but I am going to wear them because overall I think the fit is nice and I want to give them a chance. I know the thighs won't stretch like APC but will they at least loosen up? When the fabric gets softer should they have some give and not look like they are hugging my thighs? Or will they stay like this and should I have sized up? The picture may not look bad but irl it's pretty obvious...
Why can't my stacks look better on both sides. The leg on the left looks great but the right side looks sloppy. I tried adjusting it but no luck. Will they change or no? I'm going to keep wearing to break in obviously but not crazy about the look right now. Thoughts?
How often do restocks seem to happen online? Would like to pick up the sweat long sleeve in a few colors but all they have is black in S right now.   I also might try some denim. How is the slim, quality and fit wise? Are the waists TTS or vanity? I wear APC Petit Standards and find Dockers Alpha Chinos a tad loose for some reference.
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