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I feel my new naked and famous are quite tight in the thigh. Almost looks silly but I am going to wear them because overall I think the fit is nice and I want to give them a chance. I know the thighs won't stretch like APC but will they at least loosen up? When the fabric gets softer should they have some give and not look like they are hugging my thighs? Or will they stay like this and should I have sized up? The picture may not look bad but irl it's pretty obvious...
Why can't my stacks look better on both sides. The leg on the left looks great but the right side looks sloppy. I tried adjusting it but no luck. Will they change or no? I'm going to keep wearing to break in obviously but not crazy about the look right now. Thoughts?
How often do restocks seem to happen online? Would like to pick up the sweat long sleeve in a few colors but all they have is black in S right now.   I also might try some denim. How is the slim, quality and fit wise? Are the waists TTS or vanity? I wear APC Petit Standards and find Dockers Alpha Chinos a tad loose for some reference.
Thanks. I'll go ahead and have them shortened and tailored with a straight hem so they can be worn untucked casually in that case.
Nope I'm a shorty 5'7
Do the slim oxfords work well for casual wear untucked or are they more formal OCBDs? Is the hem very curved, would I need to get them altered?   Also, the consensus seems to stick with regular shirt/knit size? The top block fits similar and then the body is a bit slimmer?
Ziga you're really over thinking it. Keep it simple, have a wide array of colors and just stock up on what you like and think looks favorable on you
^maybe call up mildblend in wicker park. I know they stock N&F so they could have some slim guys
Thank you for the Equus recommendation, I am leaning towards ordering a belt with them. Just curious, anyone who has dealt with Unlucky in having a belt made, is he still in business or not anymore? I saw some of his work and would love to have a belt made by him if prices are pretty reasonable, but all the threads I saw were from 2011.
  Women's are B, Men's are D. But honestly there's not a big difference. I've tried on women's because my size in D wasn't available and I could have bought it. My feet are perhaps a bit narrower than average though so take it FWIW
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