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Any guidelines on how to size for cotton briefs? Not sure if I should get a small or medium
Does anyone own the N&F x Kamikaze Attack? If so how is it and any fading pictures? Is it worth the price or is there something better for indigo/indigo?
I really want to pick up a nice leather bifold to start breaking in daily such as tanner goods or corter. But can anyone recommend something closer to 3"x4" (instead of the usual 3.5x4.5) and also the thinner the better. If not ill just get a corter but I'd like something a bit less bulky.
I realize how important it is to size well on thighs. What do you guys do? Do you go for denim that measures 1" bigger in thighs than your actual thighs? I'd just like to know how much bigger than body measurement people generally size in the thigh area for a good fit
Anybody have a picture of a slim fit ocbd they had hemmed? Especially if you wear yours untucked
wish the chinos came in a 29 waist. skinny person problems :(
That's odd. I've talked to him twice via email in the last week.
I bought a new saddle tan cardholder but its smaller than I had hoped. Quality on the new items is amazing. If anyone is interested ill let it go for under retail
Never heard of that happening. What exactly is their reasoning for not accepting your return? I can't see there being any problem if its clearly worn only to try on.
Thanks, a taper to 7" is exactly what I'm looking for. Not skinny, just slim. I'll order and try my luck.   Those short sleeves look awesome, any word on when they'll be online?
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