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How often do restocks seem to happen online? Would like to pick up the sweat long sleeve in a few colors but all they have is black in S right now.   I also might try some denim. How is the slim, quality and fit wise? Are the waists TTS or vanity? I wear APC Petit Standards and find Dockers Alpha Chinos a tad loose for some reference.
Thanks. I'll go ahead and have them shortened and tailored with a straight hem so they can be worn untucked casually in that case.
Nope I'm a shorty 5'7
Do the slim oxfords work well for casual wear untucked or are they more formal OCBDs? Is the hem very curved, would I need to get them altered?   Also, the consensus seems to stick with regular shirt/knit size? The top block fits similar and then the body is a bit slimmer?
Ziga you're really over thinking it. Keep it simple, have a wide array of colors and just stock up on what you like and think looks favorable on you
^maybe call up mildblend in wicker park. I know they stock N&F so they could have some slim guys
Thank you for the Equus recommendation, I am leaning towards ordering a belt with them. Just curious, anyone who has dealt with Unlucky in having a belt made, is he still in business or not anymore? I saw some of his work and would love to have a belt made by him if prices are pretty reasonable, but all the threads I saw were from 2011.
  Women's are B, Men's are D. But honestly there's not a big difference. I've tried on women's because my size in D wasn't available and I could have bought it. My feet are perhaps a bit narrower than average though so take it FWIW
Can someone recommend any alternatives that look similar to either of these belts for <$100? Really like the simplicity and buckles but can't shell out $200 right now.   http://www.ironheart.co.uk/hardware/ihb-01.html http://www.ironheart.co.uk/hardware/ihb-02.html          
Thanks, What's the general consensus on initial soaking - to get in the tub with them on, or just turn them inside out and put some weights on them to submerge them?    I plan to hang dry after soaking, will they be very stiff and crinkly though? That's how I've noticed some of my non-raw denim gets if it hang dries.
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