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Are the shadows basically black when new? Are they pretty fast fading overall? Very interested in a pair, now just trying to figure out the sizing.
My wrist is extremely small and no straps are fitting. Measures 6" around. I am using a cheap timex weekender. Can anyone recommend a place that sells straps that will fit a small wrist? My friend showed me one european site that sells short straps but I emailed them and even their straps won't fit a 6" wrist. Just looking for a nice brown leather strap.
I don't see what visual difference this would make though if any. Since the crouch will still fall in the same spot. So only the pockets will be higher? Is it just a comfort thing?
Get rid of those true religions please
Looking for any raw selvedge denim you may have, new or slightly used, with roughly these measurements to fit me:   Waist: 29-30" Thigh: 10.75-11" Knee: 7.6-7.8" Leg: 6.75-7"   Please PM me if you have something for sale.
Thank you for the clairification. I've measured all of my pants and they are virtually all 9.5. Is this considered a low rise? If I try something with 10.5, does that mean it should sit an inch closer to my belly button? And would I feel a difference/would there be any visual difference?   Does anyone know t-shirts made for shorter guys? My go to basic tees have been the $10 target meronas if anyone is familiar. However those, along with other t-shirts I have, all...
This is an extremely foolish question but can someone explain rise and what difference it makes to me. I've noticed recently all my t-shirts and buttondowns go to either at or past my crouch of my jeans. It looks silly IMO. I am not sagging my pants at all. Although I am 5'7 130lbs so small, I realize this may be simply because my shirts are too long. However I am buying smalls and x-smalls. I was just wondering if my jeans rise could be a factor in this. What difference...
I agree I just don't think weird guys are for me. I need to look into a different brand sadly. The fit just doesn't work for me, perhaps because I'm shorter and slim. The size of the pockets makes that area on the sides stick out a bit for me. Also I may have sized too tight on my pair but they just hug my thighs and I don't see it stretching much. I'm not if the big pockets work for me I think they just look odd and possibly mess with the fit. I think sidd's fit looks...
^depends on what kind of look you're going for but I'm a big fan of Nike janoskis or vans era. Skate/urban feel but can be done well in other ways.
Should I expect any shrinkage with the OCBDs after first wash?
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