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i wanna pick up 2 pairs of chelseas - cant decide if i should go tan suede and black suede, or wait for the new colors and go tobacco suede and grey suede? or a combination of the 4.   i want to pick the pairs that are most versatile between grey vs. black and tan vs. tobacco? any thoughts?   my style is somewhat streetwear focused but im also trying to rebuild my wardrobe. likely going to be getting a quality pair of skinny black, indigo, and lightwash denims to...
I'm highly considering backing this raw denim, has anyone else looked into the RPMWEST kickstarter? Or has anyone here bought gustin denim?
Does RPMWEST look to be a good entry level denim? $95 bucks for 14.5oz from Japan..I'm also considering Unbranded. Thoughts?
Does anyone know how the twill relaxed shorts look from the back? Do they have the same pockets as the chino shorts, or no buttons? And would the twill shorts look like regular chinos when wearing them? Looks great for under $10..
would this be considered business casual or is it too formal? the shirt is a blue microcheck if that makes a difference. the lighting makes it look white.    
Will premium cotton tees shrink in the wash? Wondering if I should go medium and count on shrink or just go small. Im 5'7 130lbs
was just going to ask the same thing. id really like to pick up a good amount of the cotton briefs but the only small left is white. do they usually restock at a certain time/date?
thanks 28 should be good for me then, i am a 30 in levis. one more question, anyone have experience with the chino shorts? the size chart for a small says 31.5" for the waist, but i need a 30". should i take a chance on them or would i just be wasting my time?
are the slim straight jeans vanity sized? http://www.uniqlo.com/us/store/lifewear/men-slim-fit-straight-jeans/075760-04-033?ref=mens-clothing%2Fmens-bottoms%2Fmens-jeans   Sizing chart says a tagged size 28 has a 30" waist. anyone who has a pair, can you comment if I should go by the sizing chart or if I should just order my true waist. I realize these are low rise. 
^uh not a big deal...lol   cannot wait for the midnight!
New Posts  All Forums: