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Wow what a steal,  been meaning to try their raws. Proxy a pair? 
Is it possible to buy denim/pants online and have them hemmed to 30? I know they do it in store so just curious. Would be nice to save $15 and not have to go to the tailor.
Hmm in that case I may go for some xs and try my luck washing and drying. I'm 5'7 125lb
Go with the 220s
Ah alright thanks.   By chance, would anyone happen to know the knee and/or leg opening measurement for the slim fit straight jeans, slim fit color, or vintage chinos? (Size 28/29)
Should I bother ordering some linens if I am an XS in flannels? Can't size down obviously so would it be worth trying or they'll be too big?
Perhaps that model/brand isn't right for you. Sounds like your between sizes. Look for a different cut?
Anybody have one of the wristbands? Thoughts?
Are the shadows basically black when new? Are they pretty fast fading overall? Very interested in a pair, now just trying to figure out the sizing.
My wrist is extremely small and no straps are fitting. Measures 6" around. I am using a cheap timex weekender. Can anyone recommend a place that sells straps that will fit a small wrist? My friend showed me one european site that sells short straps but I emailed them and even their straps won't fit a 6" wrist. Just looking for a nice brown leather strap.
New Posts  All Forums: