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 i dont see how that could possibly be walnut unless the image is extremely filtered lol. pretty sure its clearly a grey 
    my humble collection just starting off in the workforce. really need to get belts to match each shoe now haha
dope ty for confirming. pretty crazy their prices for the boots are actually under retail after converting to $ for me so def copping both pairs. sent an email last week asking when they may actually be ready to ship, but no reply unfortunately. guess i cant compain with having to wait, considering the great price
just placed a preorder for boots on thebusinessfashion. any idea if this site is legit, a few people have assured me it is   additionally, anyone know when they might have their preorders in hand? hoping to get the boots asap, but not sure if they may not receive them until end of april which would be a bummer
Selling my size 40 tan and grey chelseas, both have been worn about three times   Take both for $540 shipped CONUS, no mto waiting time, have them ready to ship out asap 
Looking for tobacco chelseas size 41
Hi All,   New college grad to the workforce, entering public accounting. Big fan of AEs and was wondering if anyone could give me input on what models to go for next.   I have Black PAs, Dark Brown PAs, and Bourbon Strands. Only wearing the Black PAs for formal events - have been rotating the Dark Brown PAs and Strands, however the Dark Browns are somewhat formal imo and maybe a bit darker than I originally preferred, after thinking about them now that I've owned for a...
Looking to buy tobacco/walnut/black chelseas in 7.5-8 US if anyone happens to have for sale
 look great. got my grey chelseas coming in monday im hype. what denim is that?
looking for any chelseas that would fit a size 8 clarks/redwings size 9 nike if anyone is sellin
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