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 It would appear so:  I'm sure he has a well-fitted rig after 12 Al Smith Dinners.
Not sure what to say. Strikes no one as familiar? 
I see it's on sale. 40% off.
Furthermore, does anyone know of any good wine-coloured overcoats, single or double breasted. I'm obsessed with getting a coat in this colour.  
When is the Paul Stuart semi annual sale or sale in general?
Spats.    I was looking for some advice in buying a basic suit- I have separate jackets but no coats except for a hideous thing I'd rather die than wear in public. So I'm looking for something... well, conservative obviously,  no more than $750 hopefully, and leaning towards an English style if a little American, but certainly not Italian- moderately slim but not excessively so, I'm 185 on a good day with a 36 waist, 6'1'' and not yet 21. So something that doesn't betray...
Going out of town soon, chose to break out the tweed. The folks on my committee liked it so much they made me get up and show everyone- but what about Styleforum? Sorry about the awkward poses, unfortunately there's no easy way to take photos of myself without inducing self-consciousness about my vanity. Wish I had a PS to round it out, though...      Oh! I'm there now.
Help me! I insisted upon wearing a tie but had little time to think things through...       Emphasis on "little time".  
 That is absolutely gorgeous, bravo. That, and the one above. 
Did you write this?
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