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 I'll see your Scott Walker sticker and raise you a head football coach giving a stump speech for Trump. People lost their shit.
We had active shooter drills in high school after Columbine (I graduated in '00). I remember thinking how stupid it was since they were basically training any potential shooter on what would happen if they decided to shoot up a school since the shooter was also likely to be a student. Prior to that, it was just tornado drills when I lived in memphis.
 I think it was CNN that started giving credence to the picture. I'm also 100% sure it's a fake narrative.
 Why? I'm sure they are making boatloads of money off of fibro folks.
Showed up on my FB feed this morning:  
  I was recently at an event on the campus of Washington & Lee Univ and it seems they have taken this stance (at least in their student union building). There was even a little flyer on the inside of the restrooms noting "inclusion", etc.
photoshopped or not, those three letters look completely different than the others above it. I love this line from the story:  Of course she was. Of course.
  More of the story has come out and it reads exactly like you'd expect it to. tl;dr none of the other students in the class thought anything of it and this girl has a reputation for starting shit in every class she's in. 
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