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 Why? I'm sure they are making boatloads of money off of fibro folks.
Showed up on my FB feed this morning:  
  I was recently at an event on the campus of Washington & Lee Univ and it seems they have taken this stance (at least in their student union building). There was even a little flyer on the inside of the restrooms noting "inclusion", etc.
photoshopped or not, those three letters look completely different than the others above it. I love this line from the story:  Of course she was. Of course.
  More of the story has come out and it reads exactly like you'd expect it to. tl;dr none of the other students in the class thought anything of it and this girl has a reputation for starting shit in every class she's in. 
So a crim j instructor at a CC up in Spokane made a slideshow about, uh, something:     Needless to say, it didn't go well for him.
Saw Cruz on a CBS morning show today. The three hosts, 2 women and 1 geriatric male, were stammering over each other to take shots at him RE: his stance on muslim communities in America. Whatever your thoughts on his politics might be, it was hilarious watching those three lose their shit. The old one was literally stuttering and turned beet red he was so angry. You could tell Cruz was trolling them hard every time he mentioned DiBlasios's "liberal henchman", or something...
1,400 folks decided the Democratic side. FOURTEEN HUNDRED.
Rubio within 3 points of Trump and 5 of Cruz. I'd be shocked if he pulled the upset, but happy he's doing well.   Fairly surprised Carson is pulling the numbers that he is (currently 4th). Thought he was DOA.   Good call by O'Malley to bow out. This can't be good for the self esteem.
O'Malley is currently polling at 0% with 25% of precincts reporting. Not a good start.
New Posts  All Forums: