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When we refi'd in Fall '12, our appraisal came back lower than the appraisal/purchase price in Summer of '09. I was furious since houses in our area were being sold for 15%-20% more than I paid. Turns out he completely overlooked any new construction sale and used comps that were utter crap (smaller, in other areas of town, etc). We appealed, obviously, and had him come back and do it again. He claimed new construction sales "weren't in his system."
 Who knows where he went, but wherever it was, he came up with that damn Coke commercial!
average maturity of 5-10 years
RE: Bond Funds...Dump 'em or buy more?
In Spokane, they are starting new "calming" projects around town whereby they narrow a 4-lane road down to a 2-lane road with bike lanes. Most people are not happy about this.
Any thoughts on what might happen to bonds once the fed raises rates this summer? I've got a few bucks in a Vanguard bond fund (VFIDX) that I was treating as a savings account, but I'm a little worried about what might happen if rates go up.
Something to do with the Costco deal maybe? Although, seems like that boat sailed in Oct/Nov when it went from ~$50 to $60+
 Literally the same situation as myself. Couldn't have picked a better time
 Isn't it rather expensive to do multipl refi's so close together? We refi'd in 2013 from 5.125 down to 3.5 and it was a pain in the arse. There were some fees and it was a lot of wasted time getting paperwork to the new lender.
  My wife and I actually agree on it's "fakeness" but we aren't going to spend upwards of $15k on real or engineered hardwood in a house that we likely aren't going to retire in. Laminate seemed like a good middle of the road choice between carpet and hardwood. Still looking, and thanks for all the opinions.
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