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  My wife and I actually agree on it's "fakeness" but we aren't going to spend upwards of $15k on real or engineered hardwood in a house that we likely aren't going to retire in. Laminate seemed like a good middle of the road choice between carpet and hardwood. Still looking, and thanks for all the opinions.
I also believe the Pathfinder, prior to 2013, was body-on-frame based on the underpinnings of their Frontier truck.
Interesting ideas. We're going to take a look at a few more options next week. The picture I posted is our current leader at the moment, but not necessarily a done deal.
  Hmmmmmm, maybe. I've seen that stuff used in older homes near city centers and I think it looks great, but I just don't know if I could pull it off in this neighborhood. Here's is what we've been looking at, sorta looks different than what I've seen in a lot of homes: 
Anyone have laminate flooring in their house? We really need to rip out the six year old carpet (builder grade stuff that came with the house) as well as some vinyl in the kitchen and replace it all. It wouldn't be worth it to use real or engineering hardwood, as I'd probably never recoup the cost in this area (plus we have two dogs and it scratches easily). So far we've looked at a few different kinds but I don't think any of them have really set my world on fire. We've...
  This is the first year I've run dedicated winters and holy crap do they make a difference. We put studless Blizzaks on our SUV and the difference is incredible. Had snow and ice this morning and I literally couldn't break it loose, never bothered with putting it in 4WD.
according to this article from Jalopnik, the only way to disable the faux-engine sound is to pull the fuse.
Ford pumps fake V8 sound into the new ecoboost Mustang. Not an electric rig, obviously, but same principle.
I'm willing to let a lot slide given that the writers/producers were given 8 episodes to wrap up an entire series that was probably assumed to have at least 3 more seasons coming. Loved this show, however they really messed up by killing Jimmy Darmody in season 2. It was never the same afterwards, and led them to never really having a singular focus. Also never like the Gillian Darmody storyline, until the end. Then it all kinda made sense. Nucky signed his death wish the...
check out the articles on jalopnik about a guy that bought a 5 year old range rover from carmax and already had more $$$ in repairs covered by the warranty than it cost (and he's only 2 years into it).
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