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1,400 folks decided the Democratic side. FOURTEEN HUNDRED.
Rubio within 3 points of Trump and 5 of Cruz. I'd be shocked if he pulled the upset, but happy he's doing well.   Fairly surprised Carson is pulling the numbers that he is (currently 4th). Thought he was DOA.   Good call by O'Malley to bow out. This can't be good for the self esteem.
O'Malley is currently polling at 0% with 25% of precincts reporting. Not a good start.
  Depending on how close you are to Memphis, you can often times pay for 3-day super saver and still get the package delivered in 2 days. (not talking to brokencycle specifically here, just generally speaking...)
Who will O'Malley's supporters throw their support behind when he doesn't crack 15%?
  Fibro, obviously.
  It's great to see Gawker put aside their hatred of white people for a minute to better highlight their hatred of cops. That's progress.
  It does wonders for fundraising.
This HAS to be fake, right: 
It's similar to a bunch of bullshit stories I see liked on Facebook.   "I was on my morning run, coming back from the organic kale market, when a white man started yelling profanities at me. he obviously wanted to rape me. Instead of getting angry, I gave my organic kale salad to the nearest homeless child. [insert selfie here]"
New Posts  All Forums: