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I thought the show really stumbled once they killed him off. However, the lead-up to that was kinda stupid, with him trying to take down Nucky with the Commodore, Nuck's brother, & his group. You knew the whole time that Nucky would survive, he was the lead character and face of the show after all.   FWIW, I think this season has been phenomenal so far. Kinda pissed that they're ending it so soon.
 The Australians figured it out.
 They make some good stuff, just up the road in Spokane. They've been brewing for quite a while, under a different name (Northern Lights Brewery), but they got into some kind of trademark flap a couple years ago when they decided to go national. Most of the local grocery stores carry their swill, so I'll have to check that one out.
  I planted a Fourth of July tomato this year, first I've ever seen them around here. We'll see how she does, I'd be floored if it actually started producing before July 4th.
Dang, ripe tomato's already? Nice work! I don't expect to get any ripe ones until July, at the earliest.
A buddy of mine's kid "graduated" from Kindergarten a couple years back. Apparently it's a huge fuckin' deal to new parents.
I like Northern Brewer a lot, they've become my go-to spot for recipes. I ordered the Permafrost White IPA (referenced in my previous post as the IPA on Belgian yeast) and although it's not finished yet it tastes and smell amazing. So much better than the Chain Breaker IPA that I was hoping to clone.
Anyone do the homebrew thing? Got into it about a year and a half ago with extract recipes. Most tasted like shit so I bought some additional equipment to start brewing for real with all-grain. Recipe creation and the process of doing it is pretty fun. I've got two IPA's (one sat on Belgian yeast and the other on American ale yeast) fermenting right now, both will be dry hopped and end up with IBU's above 65.
  Cutler is acting more like Bert than Bert is.
 Agreed. I'm sort of annoyed at how Bert has handled Don since his unplanned return. Has he done a single thing to further the firm in the 10 years or so since we started following SD&P and it's previous iterations? He's been a paperweight since the first season and he's acting like the King Shit.
New Posts  All Forums: