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As a fan of Enter the Dragon, LOL!
RRL straights (not low straight) have a good amount of crotch room, even when worn high on the waist as intended.
Hard to tell from the pics but I'm inclined to say it's a good fit. I love the snaps on RRL westerns.
Lane, it's true. The average height in Japan is still quite short (although rising) and many brands are really all about making a guy of that height look good, which is only natural if you think about it. This is done by short tops, etc. It may not apply to all brands, but it applies to a quite high percentage. Many of the repro denim brands talk about starting from a well-known base like a 1947 cut and then tweaking it to fit the "Japanese build" (not my...
RRL and Unis are 2 brands that make great solid tees that hold up well. Neither is cheap though.
Most of the nice brands people appreciate here will work for short people in that they usually fit slimmer and shorter than mall brand clothes. If that isn't enough, Japanese brands in particular are great for short people and often don't work at all for tall guys.
I have a 1 1/4 bridle belt. Filson makes really nice, no-nonsense belts. I may buy the 1.5 inch one too in the future. If you don't either always tuck your shirts in or wear your pants very low I think you'd be better off passing on the double belts; thick belts can just end up making bottom shirt buttons pulll and slightly worsen your apparent proportions.
It's a loud shirt, no doubt. I've still only worn it once, but I paired it with a WWM midnight blue poly-cotton stag jacket, raw spurr pipe leg jeans + tan desert boots. My preference is to keep everything else subdued when I wear particularly loud shirts.
Quote: Originally Posted by whatever123 thats shirt pattern is awkward. How so? I find it to be a standout in a good way, especially the way it looks rotated on the pockets, turning the square checks into diamonds. I think it has a 50s rock'nroll/gas station attendant sort of feel to it, which I prefer to some of the plaids that just seem western, and some of them that seem lumberjack. Anyway, I certainly won't begrudge you your different...
I machine wash cold and hang dry all of my woven rrl shirts. I haven't noticed any shrinkage on the flannels (or any of my other rrl shirts). This is the same as one of the flannels I got recently. Really awesome shirt, and even more so if you've got grey-green eyes. I like it a bit more than the american graffiti shirt that I also purchased at the same time, although they're both great.
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