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CrazyJew, wearing non-prescription glasses is one of those things that most guys would be embarrassed to do. Even if someone thinks they could pull off glasses like James Dean or Buddy Holly, something about wearing unnecessary glasses just seems too narcissistic. It's the same kind of thing as wearing sunglasses when it isn't bright, although not as obvious to the people around you (since no one knows whether you have good eyesight or not) I don't mean to insult anyone...
The sizing is different, but I think Spurr pipelegs have a similar cut to APC NS.
SVB, you should post a sideview fit pic. It may be my imagination, but it seems like maybe your posture is slightly off in that your neck is craning forward somewhat. I used to have this kind of posture as a result of too much time in front of a computer, and I still do sometimes when I'm not actively trying to correct it. It can make your head look relatively bigger and your neck thinner, which suits noone but especially not the very thin. Forgive me if I'm completely...
The larger problem there is the flaring of the slash pockets on the pants. The fit would look much better with jeans or just pants that didn't have that pocket issue.
Columbo wears sand desert boots with a light brown suit in the pilot, prescription murder. Then again, the character was a scruffy detective in the late 60s, so I don't know how applicable that look is to real life today.
Quote: Originally Posted by ryvac been searching for unis tees and I think I found the site. just wanted to make sure but it's this site right? Yes.
Love that stormrider, wish it were a medium or maybe a large. Great price.
Off topic, but IIIrd Icon, those boots in your last pic are very, very cool.
Unis tees are slim and medium length. Very nice material with interesting striations. It would be easier to look at pictures on the website- mine fit exactly like those pictures, and I sized in accordance with their size chart (40 chest, went with an m, incidentally).
I really did laugh out loud, but I was laughing with you. I have no skinhead connections, but I've been enjoying reading this thread for a while. Some sharp dressers and interesting history. I appreciate your contributions Man_of_Mystery.
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