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Just won an auction for a pair of new raw low straights in 32/32 off of ebay for $57.50 shipped. Ridiculous. I already have a wash in 32/34, but couldn't resist for that price. I may want to trade those raws or the washed pair for a 31/32 though, if anyone is interested. In case anyone's curious about how low straights and straight legs compare, I compared my new low straights to my old pair of straight legs, and the low straights are slimmer throughout the leg...
I am of the same opinion as saelan. The overall length of the jacket and the sleeve length are both just a bit too short, but I like your fit in all other aspects MoK.
Namor, I see you got that flannel i was talking about a couple pages back- hope you like it as much as I do.
indiego, I actually have 47s in both 32 and 33, and I generally take a 32 in non-STF jeans.. Both of them hot soaked several times, the 33s hot washed. Neither pair is uncomforably tight, but I wear the 33 more often as I think it's a more authentic look for the jeans.
Go with darker red/burgundy on the quilts instead of that black color on the red jacket and you've got a cool take on Kaneda's jacket from Akira.
True to size on lvc 47s is slim, when you take into consideration their shrinking 2 inches. Size down more than that and the fly area will look bad from the stretching around the buttons. Be careful about length... 34 length can shrink all the way down to 31. :P
I have a pair of low straights that should get to me this weekend. I'll let you know how they compare to the straights when they arrive. My straights are a 30, and honestly I could wear a 29 with their rise, but the low straights are a 32, which should work for me if the measurements I've received are correct. It may turn out that I should have gone with a 31 on the low straights though. The fit on the straights is not that slim. It reminds me of 50s lee models. ...
I'll give you pics 1 and 3, but I dunno if I'd call the Clark Kent style cool. I remember Gregory Peck wore one in the omen, and I also once saw a Japanese yakuza movie in which the protagonist wore a dark navy harrington with a black turtleneck, navy pants and black shoes. The jacket gets all slashed up by swords in the finale.
Najee, not one guy, lots of different guys modeling clothes for Japanese online stores. That in and of itself is not really a compliment or an insult, just a comment, but I do think you're pulling off this style quite well; looks good.
Najee's really got the rakuten guy modeling amekaji look down in that pic, from the backdrop to the clothes to the splayed feet.
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