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Rangoe, I wouldn't recommend tapering jeans that already have a wash/distressing. It'll throw off the artificial honeycombs, probably mess up the look of the fading by the seams. Besides, even if you taper them a pair of straights will still have that huge rise.
Looks good raven37457, I like both fits.
I actually agree that they aren't really business appropriate. The 511 trousers definitely aren't 5 pocket jeans though, as jeans don't have slant pockets and those pants only have 4 pockets anyway. My favorite slim chinos that I've tried are the unis gio, with the rrl officer chino coming second.
The pants GraphicNovelty linked to are 4 pocket pants with slash pockets.
Levis does make slash pocket pants in the 511 cut.
FlyingLotus, you must be a pure ectomorph to fit into an EG m at 6'4 without it being tight at the shoulders or chest. I think short sleeves can actually look cool if the shirt fits well everywhere else, but your style has to work around it. I remember liking the effect on Clint Eastwood in the man with no name trilogy. All around though, sizing up would be less of a headache, especially considering the proportions of an EG m are probably designed more for somone in...
I'm the same way- it's the narrow shoulders that get me most of the time on Japanese clothes, and sometimes overly short body lengths. I won't deny that the lower price that one can get RRL for via ebay/b&s these days is a huge mark in its favor. Lots of RRL is basically the kind of stuff you'd find in thrift shops in a perfect world. High quality clothing that's worn in but not worn out, and the kind of good fit and color combinations that can be very, very hard to...
I think red wing pecos boots (especially black ones) would work too, and sometimes you can find nice vintage pairs for cheap on ebay.
I've never heard of fake RRL. Almost all of the ebay stuff just comes from the outlets.
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