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Is too dark really a problem? Dressy jeans become not so dressy with just a little wear- I'm sure you could rush the first wash and second washes or something like that if you wanted to lighten a pair up some and lose that new jean sheen (I've done it before myself). Not trying to second-guess you, just a thought.
With skull 5010x is it best not to size down? I wear a 32 in lvc1947s and am considering a 30 in the skulls.
Does anyone know how the Samurai Jin model compares in fit to the 1952 Lee 101z that its apparently based on? I have an Edwin repro of the 1952 Lee that I love and the idea of a very similar yet different jean is attractive, so I'm considering making the purchase. (also of a button fly without being as baggy as the 1959 101b) Looking at the stats it *seems* like the Jin is a significantly tighter fit in the thigh than the 101z... I've heard people talking about sizing...
Do tan leather belts work with brown leather shoes/boots? I'm interested in buying one but as I don't have any tan leather shoes I'm wondering if it would only work with sneakers.
Hi guys, please forgive the terrrible pic and complete lack or originality on the fit. LVC47s, Purcells, some random white T-shirt I got in Japan. Kinda looks like a faux-tuck but the shirt just kinda fell that way. I just got the 47s today, 32/34 shrank to something that feels both too slim and a bit too short to me. :P I'll probably still mainly wear my lee 1952 101z
Hi guys, this is my first post. I've been leeching some style ideas off of you guys but I'm not too sure about sunglasses. I bought some Ray-ban aviators and they seem to work ok with my face but I dunno... still, they seem to fit better than the slimmer styles of sunglasses i've tried. Opinions?
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