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Unis is a good brand all around and my pair of gios are my favorite of all of the chinos I own. The felix shirts are also quite good as well as the tees and the outerwear.
Great vest.
berlin report, great fit. You took what would normally be a rough workwear combination (the natural belt and jean cuffs) and made it seem refined. I like the jacket/scarf combo, but I think the particular relaxed yet tapered, worn slightly low nature of the jeans is the real key to why the fit looks so good. manofkent, those smiths are pretty nice but I'm not really a fan of the cargoes. I feel like you still need a bit higher of a rise for optimal proportions due to...
It is a nice pattern. I said it was one of my least favorite rrl flannels, but by that I mean out of ones I own, and naturally I only bought ones I liked. I think that besides the color it's the same shirt as a blue/yellow/white flannel that is also available on ebay.
I have that shirt also, actually. I got it for $80 shipped from that other cheap seller- it was more expensive than their normal $50, but cheaper than the other sellers. If you check ebay patiently you may find it for cheaper too. It is a particularly light flannel shirt, so not really jacket material although you could certainly throw it on over stuff. It's one of my least favorite rrl flannels due to the lack of interesting details- no cat's eye buttons, no contrast...
Bought a medium stark in olde green. I hope it works for me at 6' 160-165. I have green eyes so that's the color I had been considering several months ago anyway.
Just a heads up, here's that green check shirt I was talking about before in m for $50 again. Same seller I bought it from before. I'm wearing that shirt today as an overshirt over a unis indigo blue oxford. It's especially nice as an overshirt because of the cream contrast on the inside of the collar- I'll definitely be looking for this feature in other rrl shirts.
A guy of a certain height should considered to be that height even if he usually slouches below it, until he reaches the point that he is unable to stand up straight and reach that height due to spinal problems, etc. Aesthetically, bad posture is a shame. A medium height or sometimes even a short guy with good posture tends to look better than a tall guy with bad posture.
I would say that if I had to pick a true pants size it would be 32, but all of my RRL pants in 32 are loose enough to create some discomfort from extra fabric when belted, even if they otherwise look good. My low straights in 32 are pretty similar to my straights in 30, but I feel that I did a better job in sizing the straights. Anyway, my conclusion is that one should size down 1 on most rrl pants and jeans, but size down 2 on the straight legs and general issue (not...
UrbanComposition, how tall are you? The 42 on that jacket came as a bit of a surprise, as I thought you were more in the 5'10 5'11 range. Anyway, good fit, but yeah, you could do better with the jeans. Something like LVC 47s or 66s, RRL low straights or something Flathead would be good. Scott, the NBs definitely work well with your style; nice.
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