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I would also be potentially interested in buying one of those flannels if I can get measurements. Did you switch to something other than paypal?
I think the larger number of wearers of 3/4 or 4/5 pants in Japan is directly connected to their dislike of shorts. Shorts are part of the school uniform for kindergarteners, and that association seems to be very hard to get around.
Yeah, you got a nice deal on that shirt Opermann. I almost bought it from him myself.
That example by AR_Six looks very good. Actually one of my favorites for him despite him just throwing it together as an example. 2 things that I thought noteworthy though: 1. He's wearing a white shirt with a sweater. I think white sneakers look best when there is more white elsewhere in the fit. Doing it like this with a sweater over the shirt is particularly good, because visually you have this long stretch between the white on top and the white on bottom....
grit, judging from how the waistband looks in that pic, you could (and IMO should) size up 1. Even slim chinos should have some slack in the top block or the pockets look strange. Otherwise you'd be better off getting 5 pocket pants.
grit, your best fit so far IMO. Very cool. Aeglus, I feel like I've seen that exact fit from you before, but it's good. Glad to see the hair has recovered. randomkoreandude, it all looks good. You pull off the red jeans well. I feel like with things like that and the hat and the sunglasses, having that relaxed, casual nice guy vibe like you seem to have is the key. Even the slightest hint of a "don't I look cool" impression ruins it.
Just got my olde green stark too. Went with a medium at 6' ~165 and it fits absolutely perfectly, and the color is even better in person. My gratitude goes to the guy who mentioned the inventory sale the other day.
Quote: Originally Posted by NAMOR Cool. I wouldnt pay more than $50 though because I am not a fan dark colored shirts. I'm the same way. I have the black sawtooth pocket western and while it's cool when I look at it alone, I don't really look good in it. The other thing is, some of the RRL westerns are so authentic that it seems like the only way to pull them off is to wear them tucked in with a cowboy hat, which isn't really my style. ...
Yeah, brands like Samurai tend to choose all cotton thread quite intentionally in order to allow the stitching in places like the pockets to fray and break. Just one more symptom of aging in the figurative life cycle of the jeans.
Gutman, I didn't mean to recommend truly high rise pants; just a little higher rise than that particular pair. Even just an inch or so higher. I do agree that his height gives MoK flexibility in that area. It's the same flexibility that allows guys like superbobo and zissou to look good in looser cut pants.
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