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As a 6 foot even guy who is enjoying his tee in medium, I wouldn't buy any more if they are lengthened. Just my 2 cents.
Got my cords today. They fit nicely. I think they are sized exactly the same as recent runs of slim fit raw and one wash denim. As such, I could have gone with 30 waist (if they had it in stock) and they would have looked good, but they look fine in 31 as well and will be a bit more comfortable in warm weather- I'll just need a belt to keep them from riding lower than I'd like once they stretch. I really don't see what's "seafoam" about the color, looking at them in...
My cords shipped too.
Thanks for mentioning those, hoit. I grabbed a 31/32 pair of the cords. My 30/32 slim fit jeans are slightly tighter than I'd like cords to be in the thigh, so I think these will probably fit. The color is actually really nice, looking at the photos. I bet it will go well with my sand desert boots.
I have personally measured the Shoulders at about 18.5 inches, body length at 24 inches from the bottom of the collar to the bottom of the jacket. In addition, here are some measurements from a Japanese chart for this schott brown 618 jacket. size height shoulder chest sleeve waist 32 59cm 39cm 45cm 63cm 83cm 34 60cm 41cm 47cm 63cm 87cm 36 60cm 43cm 49cm 63cm 91cm 38 61cm 45cm 51cm 64cm 97cm 40 ...
First off, my price is $125 shipped conus. The jacket can be purchased new from Schott for $540 before shipping and tax. I purchased this Schott 618 from gnatty last week. While it fit me as I would want such a jacket to fit, I concluded that this sort of motorcycle jacket just doesn't fit in with my style. That said, it's a very nice jacket! My decision to buy it from gnatty was largely due to the color- I felt that the brown steerhide leather and brass hardware...
I got my stark in olde green off an SNS sale at inventory at the end of last winter. Forgot how much I paid but it was an insanely nice deal. The green was the color I wanted anyway, partially thanks to being impressed by it in your fit pic, oboy_oboy.
The Mr Porter pictures are deceptive because the entire ribbed section at the bottom of the sweater is pushed up and covered. If the model were wearing it normally, it would be longer on him too, but that's just how the stark is. Whodini, that range sounds about right to me based on my own experience owning a stark. You could stretch that range out longer if you have a coat that you could wear it under, but I find that the look of the tall stark collar peaking out of a...
I take an M in custom fit and have a perfect fit in L for epaulet with the pin dot shirt. Also an M in rugby, M in RRL except for the oxfords and tees which are L. Just throwing this out there in case it would be helpful. BTW, the pin dot shirt was my first epaulet buy. I'm very impressed. I'll be looking forward to upcoming shirts.
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