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I have a question/concern about the barlett leather jacket. Mine came in the mail 2 days back and while im generally very impressed with tit one thing is making my somewhat ocd self a bit uneasy. The snaps for the collar are not symmetrical- the top and bottom snaps on the right side of the jacket are separated by about a centimeter more than the ones on the left, and their orientation relative to each other is a bit different too- closer horizontally on the right than...
Does the black bartlett also have a chain attached to the zipper of the chest pocket? Its not visible in the pics but I would guess that its just in the pocket, as I cant see why youd do it differently from the navy with the black and even the mulberry has that chain.
I already asked this sort of but just to confirm, one should buy the same size as one's epaulet sportcoats/suit jackets in the duffel coat even if you intend to wear it as an overcoat over said sportcoats/suit jackets? Wouldn't want to buy one and not be able to wear it over my jackets, since using it in that way is the primary reason I'd be getting it in the first place. Thanks!
Would it be best to get the gloverall duffel in the same size as your epaulet sport coats?
That's my favorite RRL flannel, NAMOR
I've experienced the same pilling in the crotch on Howard Yount brushed flannel pants and they're not tight.
Great jacket- someone buy it quick before my paypal account empties itself.
Ian, if you want to do cuffs on those jeans, chopping off an inch and wearing them with a cuff that's half the current height would look much better.
Are these brand new, no wear at all? Any minor defects? I may be interested in the black belt. I actually already have this belt in brown, but I had to return my first order to because of a small spot near the tip of the belt where the finish peeled back, so I have my qualms about AE quality control. Thanks.
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