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Price drop for today! I need to pay my bills!!! $130 shipped
Description: This Levi's denim jacket is a collaboration with Nike. This is a very RARE jacket and it is numbered out of 250. Be one of the lucky 250 people in the world to have such a masterpiece. This jacket was created using many different technologies offered by Nike and Levi, such as; Dri-fit, Waterless, Vectran, and Stretch. Dri-Fit helps wick moisture from the body, Waterless technology helps reduce the amount of water used during the...
Okay, I've never bought from uniqlo before, but I was looking into getting a printed t-shirt.   I'm about 5'8 and at 145lbs and a slim body type. The AA (American Apparel) printed tees in medium fit me nearly perfectly. What size should I get?
I've been looking for some nice moccasins (preferably brown) that won't make me break my wallet too badly. Suggestions for a top that would look right, would be nice also.
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