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would you say you are a true 38 and didn't size up?
aren't these only 150 online?
this cxl suede combo is absolutely killer. hope to see more designs similar to this!
has anyone tried the extratwenty code on viberg boots on superdenim? the website says it's for discounted prices only but I tried it anyways, and it discounts the boots to around 350 GBP
perhaps lower the price a bit bud
my best guess is mercer. having gotten a few kamakura shirts (including the vintage ivy ones with "better collar roll"), I have found that the kamakura button downs are still a little short compared to the voluminous mercer roll
i have the epaulet Scott and Charter one which is basically identical to the NMWA one, and it is doing an amazing job of keeping me warm in MA winter. full endorsement
perhaps it was just the white color?I have a deep purple rugby and there definitely was some sweat showing after a night at the pub
what an outfit though...
adding to everyone else: I'm 6'1" 39 chest, long arms and torso relative to legs and medium fit very well for me. the sleeves were a touch short and the turtleneck collar started to get loose through wear. still a fantastic sweater regardless
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