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Nobody I know, thank god: full size linky
There are people/companies that will clean your aquarium for you.
That might be true for larger setups. Don't know if it still holds true for nano/micro reefs. I figure they would be more sensitive to variations in water chemistry and such, requiring constant testing and correction.
Are you referring to pole dancing?
I was into the whole Takashi Amano thing around ten years ago. I had a 50 gallon freshwater tank with few australian rainbowfish but it was set up primarily to show off aquatic plants. Once in a while I think of setting up a micro/nano reef, but I have too many hobbies already.
I've been helping teach kali/eskrima to one of the new students in class. After class I find out he does parkour and is a stuntman for the Bourne Legacy movie shooting here in Manila. He's this guy: Funny, he seemed so shy in class.
He's like the Ambrosi Napoli of Manila.
Get a suede cleaning kit.   It's usually a bar (sort of like a rubber eraser) that you use to rub out stains, and a brush to raise the nap. 
Looks good! Let us know how your stuff turns out.
Shirts from Cornell will cost you around US$25, fabric included. Quality is more than acceptable. 
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