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First pic post.  I don't get to wear a suit for work, so I have to jump at every opportunity.   The lighting on this one kind of sucks, sorry.  Details show colors/textures better.  Also, I think my pants are twisted from hurrying for the timer, but they normally aren't twisted like they are in this pic.  Robo:     [[SPOILER]]
  Not a huge fan of the pants/socks/shoes combo. I think at least one of them needs to change, maybe a darker shoe or an entirely different color sock.  Although I do like the shoes, just not with the rest of the clothes.
Why is the sizing so damn confusing?  They can't just use regular sizes for things?
Yeah, I think they could be taken in a little and shortened to match better with the cut of the jacket.
Is that a picture of your tie pre-or-post having problems with it?
Well polished black calf-skin balmorals are fine. 
Agreed on no watch or pocket watch matching metal with studs.
    Yeah, unspecified in the U.S. normally means suit/tie and not a tux.  In reality, wedding invitations should probably always specify in the U.S. as we've sort of lost track of the customs regarding what is to be worn to a given event.     This is pretty informative:
    Details on the tie?  
I'm hoping the AS made Peal & Co captoe suedes will come back in my size.  I've just signed up for the Brooks mastercard and I have my corporate discount card already set up.  Can I stack those two discounts?
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