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16 33 seems like a perfectly reasonable shirt size though? I'm 15.5 34.  
I'm with Jackie Treehorn on the hierarchical dressing.  I'm generally dressing for myself, but if I were to wear a sport coat or a suit to work, especially with a tie, it would be terribly out of place.  My management doesn't wear sport coats or ties, you have to get up to just sub-vice president level before you see people regularly wearing SCs or suits.  Most people are in jeans and polos or even jeans and t-shirts.  I think I could get away with a sweater + dress...
It depends on the fabric in question, I don't think anyone will be able to create a list like this except to express their preference.
I imagine because they're pretty horrible for the most part and nearly all of them stray into man purse territory.
It's a shame because spade soles can look really good if they're done well.  These most certainly are not done well.
Do not buy, not a good shoe.  The huge rubber soles and bad shape don't look good.
If you've bought them recently and you're willing to take them to an AE store, I'm sure they would fix them up at no cost.  Even if it's been a while, I have a feeling they'll fix stitching problems at any time.
Yeah, unfortunately the shirt is Brooks and it's only sized as S/M/L.  Rolling the sleeves is a good idea.
Beating the heat with linen+white canvas.  Shoes aren't my ideal choice for this, but I don't have a ton of selection.  Also probably should have taken these pics this morning as both the pants and shirt have become very wrinkled after a day of sitting at a desk.  Belt is dark brown, matches the shoes, but looks nearly black here.    
Just picked up a bow tie, two supima button downs, and a pair of fitz canvas trousers.  Anyone know if the supima cotton shirts are non-iron.  I'm allergic to the non-iron.  They don't mention it, but I don't trust them to label everything well.
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