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Prada Levitate and I was half joking, although if you're looking for a club shoe to attract attention they might be your ticket.
I'm sure Hober ties would make a 2 inch tie for you,  They aren't cheap ties, cheaper than $100 though for the basic model and they're absolutely top notch quality.
  Made for BB by AS I believe, but they've only been in stock in sizes 8 and 13 forever now, so I assume they're never coming back.  A shame because they're the perfect suede captoe in my mind.
Same.  I wonder if it's just the camera or if it has the same effect in real life.
I can't imagine how this thread still exists, it's 5 years of spam.
    I was under the impression that all of the Peal&Co shoes other than lightweight ones are now C&J.  The only remaining AS shoes are deadstock on the website, but there's a good possibility I'm wrong.  As for telling which is which, the nail pattern on the heel can help you out.  There's a thread somewhere on here that details each one, I haven't seen it in a while though.  A search should bring it up.   Edit* It was...
I agree, strand for sure.
  Is the shirt blue or purple?  In one of the close-up pictures it seems to be bright purple but in the rest it appears blue.
Brooks Brothers Peal&Co shoes are C&J if they aren't the lightweight ones.  There's a big BB on Newbury.
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