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A hand rolled edge will have an "organic" appearance, much the same way a hand-cut suit does.  The imperfections are what make it.
Here's a good place to start:   and here:   Don't start buying things until you have an understanding of what's going on.  Once you start buying things, but they slowly, you're going to make mistakes and if you buy everything at once, chances are you won't be wearing any of it for long.
I have two pairs of CH.  One pair of loafers that served me reasonably well, but the sole + metal shank just separated from the rest of the shoe on the left foot.  Those are still wearable though.  I also have a pair of black wingtips that I bought before I knew any better and they're absolute junk.  Unbearably uncomfortable and they will break before they break in.
Although a number of airports in the US will now let you keep your shoes on.  Depending on the type of line for security you get into, Boston Logan will let you keep them on.  A nice change, having to take off my shoes is one of the most irritating parts of the security checkpoint.
It's an entertaining read.  Entirely out of touch with reality and the brands they push are so often junk and the shirt and tie for $250k are hideous.
I would look at Suit Supply, it'll be the best in that range.
For $200 you can do better, although perhaps it depends on what you're going to use the suit for.  If it's for business, a job, or interviews, that suit isn't appropriate and you can do a lot better for $200 by going to a department store or saving up a little more and getting one of the cheapest Suit Supply suits.  If it's for clubbing or something and is just going to be a throwaway suit then have at it.  This is all assuming that $200 is your budget, if you can afford...
My brown shells are very brown in color, certainly not reddish.  As above, my burgundy shoes are a purplish reddish brown.
Thanks for this, I've been looking for a place that sells high quality hats.  It's too bad their online shop isn't functioning yet, a trip to Chicago might be a ways off.
Yeah, it won't apply to the AE shoes when I use it. 
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