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        Thanks gents.  Looks like the 3.5 inch is out of stock at Kent Wang.  Hopefully it will be back in stock soon, a good black and white shepherds check in silk appears to be rather elusive.
  Also, who makes the tie?  I'm looking for a good shepherd's check in B/W and this one looks awesome.
I don't wear waistcoats on a regular basis, but I do sort of like the burgundy 6 button velvet one.   Edit* Some of their smoking jackets kind of make me want to pick up smoking too, haha.  Not sure it's supposed to work like that, but they're pretty cool.
I think I would tolerate this on another color of shoes, but if it happened to my black shoes, I'd probably get a replacement.  I keep black shoes around for more formal occasions and I wouldn't want them to be gouged like that for any occasion I would wear black shoes.  That being said, I would still keep them around, I'd just have an un-gouged pair as well.  If you wear these day to day then I say hell with it, keep wearing them, don't worry about the gouge.
It's difficult to tell what's going on with the length when your shirt is untucked.  For fit pics you should always dress up as if you were actually going to wear it, otherwise we can't tell what it would look like when you're wearing it.
Of that list, I only own RL, but compared to Express polos they're amazing.  I'm interested to try some BB, but I've decided I don't like logos, even on my polo shirts.  I'm going to get some Kent Wang polos at some point, once some of my others start to wear out.
If your'e seriously concerned about bed bugs, you could try microwaving it for 45 seconds.  I cannot guarantee that your tie won't melt or catch on fire, but it'll kill any bed bugs or eggs on the tie for sure.
An entertaining paper for sure, although the applicability of it is questionable.  It seems the double FIH might be the fifth knot down in their final chart. 
The tie you're wearing is the same colors that Gryffindor house uses in Harry Potter:   Not really sure why it was brought up though as that's a pretty classic color combination.
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