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Posts by NoCleverName   Strand in walnut or bourbon might do the trick.  A little over $300, but can be had on sale or on B&S for less.
Brown may be a good bet, especially for academia.  A brown grenadine, depending on the rest of your clothing, might be a great choice.
Got my B/W shepherd's check tie in the mail a little while ago, it's really great.  I'll be using it for my wedding next year.  A great tie, especially for the price.
I buy OTC for the most part, although I have large calves so some OTC brands still fall down (I'm looking at you Brooks Brothers).  I've just ordered 8 pairs of Pantherella OTC off STP, so we'll see how those fare.
Thanks for this, interesting article with some good videos.
All good points.  Here's a good example of a reasonably priced balmoral boot (in brown preferably):   Cheaper than Alden, especially if you wait for a sale or get them from B&S.
Don't like it at all, looks like something you'd find in Payless.
I've found it to be quite the opposite?  My higher end RTW (Finamore, BB Luxury) have them, whereas my lower end BB and other brands don't.  Also, RTW doesn't preclude 'nicer brand', RTW just means Ready To Wear, so any shirt that isn't made to measure or bespoke.  I've seen people with them open, and it just looks sloppy to me.  No sprezz, just bad.
  The hober for sure, the other one has some crazy shine.
I need to be in the business of selling $1k shirts.
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