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  Those pictures are incredibly impressive.  I was pleased with myself when I managed to get some stains out of the inside of my shirt collars.
These are spectacular.  I'll be getting some for sure.
Over the past month or so I've picked up two MTM shirts, a pair of pants, and a pocket square from Gary and they've all been great.  I'm sure I'll be back in soon, it's not a big store, but everything in there is awesome and worth a look.
Spectacular boots.  I'm hoping to make my next pair of boots shell, but we'll see if I'll have the funds for that when the time comes.
I own a bunch of AE and a single pair of Alden's Indy boots.  I like them both, but in general prefer AE.  Every Alden shoe I've tried on is just too clunky, which works for a boot like the Indy, but not so much for dress shoes.  Also, AE's customer service is unmatched, any problem I've ever had is immediately corrected.    
I think it's great Stitches, and I love that tie every time you post it.
Same.  SF has completely skewed my perception of what clothes should cost in a way that is very detrimental to my wallet.
You may have said in the past that you don't wear them, but I think a light pink shirt would work really well here.
Great tie stiches.  Did you order just the tie?  Or the shirt in the last picture as well?
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