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Received the green grenadine.  It looks great, more similar to my Hober grenadines than my Kent Wang grenadines (which are 6-fold).  They ship quick from Murder Ave, customer service is really good.  After I ordered the first one I actually put in an order for the navy print, which I'm especially excited about.  
Ordered a green grenadine a couple days ago based on the post in the E.G. Cappelli thread here, tie was shipped today I believe.  Seems like a good deal not having to deal with customs.  Only complaint is that it's a little hard to tell what they're offering/what's in stock but that's really just a function of not having a storefront yet.  I was going to order a bunch of ties directly from Cappelli, but it's a fair amount of cash to plunk down to get free shipping so...
  Not a huge fan of the greenish one, but the orange-brown one is great and I don't normally like ties with motifs as large as that.
Just got my blue denim tweed.  Pictures won't do it justice, the fabric is beautiful.  It's a little darker than I was expecting, which is good as I was a little worried it would be lighter than the pictures on the site.           I'll definitely be picking up a few more from you in the future.
Ordered the denim tweed as well.  Looks great on the site, can't wait to get it.
  They never responded to my complaint email, I imagine they just ignore most of what they get.   I like BB a lot, and about 1/2 the time I get pretty decent service at the Newbury street location in Boston.  However, I have received some astoundingly bad customer service there as well.  Now I generally just order online, really because of convenience, but also to spite the crappy SAs that work at that location.  That being said, I should probably find one that doesn't...
It depends entirely on the maker.  For the best of the best, yeah there is a huge difference.
Got my 'The Great Wave' pocket square and two grenadines (brown and green) in the mail a couple days ago. They're all spectacular, the pocket square is especially awesome. It's interesting, both of the ties are supposed to be standard length, but the brown one is probably 3 inches longer than the green. They also have different material on the back of their tips. Not sure if one was actually standard and one was XL, or if it's just natural variation in manufacturing....
There's no way a natural material could bead water like that, except maybe a wax based coating, but that would wear off very quickly.  Even if it's not Teflon, it's certainly a man-made water resistant coating, and that's going to impact the feel and appearance of the cloth substantially.
  Those pictures are incredibly impressive.  I was pleased with myself when I managed to get some stains out of the inside of my shirt collars.
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