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I have two pairs of Peal & Co by C&J shoes that need resoling. Anyone know if Brooks Brothers will handle the resoling? If they do, will they get it done by C&J or do they just use a third-party? If not, any recommendations on getting them resoled? I'm going to miss the channeled stitching if I have to take it somewhere local.
 This brings up something I had been meaning to ask about, are herringbone sport coats in good taste? I recently picked up a blue herringbone sport coat and I was wondering whether it would qualify. I imagine it depends on the size of the pattern, what would you consider to be a good size?
Yeah, very impressive. I imagine it will be hard for this to really take off since most people don't have wardrobes extensive enough to mimic the old pictures, but you've done a great take on them here Butler.
Got my order of Dents gloves, Rota flannel pants, and a Drake's tie today. The turnaround time on ordering from you guys is ridiculously quick, I had ordered a number of things from other places in the couple weeks before I ordered from you and your stuff arrived first out of everything. Thanks for the great service.
Snagged two ties and a pocket square, hopefully all still in stock. Took a little bit to get through but it actually seemed to speed up towards the end.
I'm just hoping stuff doesn't get bought out from under me while it's in my bag and I'm trying to put some other stuff in there. I'm half tempted to make multiple orders, haha.
I'd be very interested in either the boot or the long wing shoe in whiskey, although not the Chukka and probably not if it was brown shell.   Also, does anyone know what the upcharge is if you just order a single MTO pair? Is that even possible?
Yeah, I've gotten the navy printed which I really like.  The little flower patterns are actually two very slightly different shades of blue.  I've also gotten a green grenadine which I really like and I've ordered the light blue grenadine in light of MurderAve donating $10 to a charity for the Boston marathon.  All great quality, the navy print ties a beautiful knot, although it's fairly stiff so it takes a little bit of wrangling at first to get it there.  I'm a huge...
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