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Sorry. Yes - Silly me 😁
That's long for a sz44. Even on the picture they are very long vs where the waist length is. But maybe I'm wrong. Was a long time ago.
The sleeves ended up being ridiculously long from memory.
I don't - sorry. Model number? Fencing is always the same model number. Mr moo. How do I see what u r selling?
Yes. That was my problem with the fencing. Loved wearing it closed. Hated wearing it open..... I'm very good friends with BSR. I know the jacket you refer to well. The sleeves were ridiculously long.
Yes. I have to admit Cors is my all time favourite as well. My high neck is the one jacket I'll not be selling. I hear you on horse vs calf. I have the same preference. Also exactly the same feeling with horse over calf on footwear...in fact even more so when it comes to footwear. One thing is for sure the fencing in either Cors or juicy are far far superior to KALB which IMO was one of the worst leathers carol has ever used. I hated it on the fencing. Edit: I also...
Juicy and Cors are very different. One isn't better than the other. Cors is slightly shinier and a deeper truer black. Juicy has more a matt hand with a slightly antique feel to it. Also had more varied black/brown undertones vs Cors. Both of similar thickness.Enjoy your purchase 😊
Who did? Wonder if it was the one I owned and sold
Then you won't be disappointed when they become public 😉
Agreed 100%. They always reminds me of batman and robin for some strange reasonI did even consider buying a pair and removing the flaps, but it seemed quite difficult and somewhat nuts on a pair of boots that expensive.
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