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You don't know how what?Completely different jackets?You have got to be kidding.....white lining, button placement, stitched notched lapels, placement and design of chest pocket.I don't have a problem if designers want to copy designers.But let's at least acknowledge it rather than pretend it doesn't happen.The only noticeable difference is the ph fits you perfectly and the bergfabel looks like a badly fitting ph that's 1 size too big
Guys. Two pairs of superb superb ST9's in the best leather iteration, in brand new unworn condition. Also from one of the nicest guys and best, most trustworthy sellers around.... If you are sz41 and want an immaculate ST9, look no further. Plus you've got a choice of either black or plomb 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 I'm sure he'd do an even better deal if you kop both, but don't quote me 😊 Black: http://www.ebay.com/ulk/itm/262098774229 Plomb: http://www.ebay.com/ulk/itm/262102633709
Casey + Casey. http://www.caseycasey.eu A label stocked by Dover Street Market in London. Also by The Archive a couple of seasons ago. Really great piece. Beautiful fabrics.
Actually 1 other blazer I own which is 'off-piste' for me, but still amazing. I bought it purely because of how it fits me and the sensational colour and fabric.Casey + CaseyFabric close up
Seems to have gone up again in price.I always much prefer his AW over his SS pieces.
I have owned many various blazers over the years. The early Augusta selvedge was amazing and is now with a great buddy of mine overseas, but I've sold pretty much everything and now just own CCP and PH blazers. They fit me the best and between the two designers pretty much cover everything I need.
Well pointed out. Re bergfabel....not in my humble opinion. Not even close.
Paul Harnden is the one brand I have zero (well almost zero 😖) issue paying full retail for. Certainly on the Classic Blazers. (I much prefer these to the 'pocket', 'new' or 'long' blazers) For me they are the most versatile and most worn pieces in my wardrobe. Posted before, but here are a couple of mine; Stripe classic; Close up of stripe; Black herringbone classic; Close up of herringbone; Chamois classic;
It's also probably because of the massive variance in quality of the product you receive, in terms of finish, sizing and leather, of brands like a1923 and to a certain extent CCP. When people spend the money we spend on goods, you expect to at least get what you think you will get. That's definitely not the case with a1923 (and I'm talking from years of experience). With Moria you get exactly what you order. There are no strange colour issues (like aubergine being the new...
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