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Agreed totally. Patek blue 5711 and Rolex vintage 1680 single red πŸ‘πŸ». For me that's perfection. Now just need a g-shock for holiday's 😒
.....only 4 more years my friend. White face you can get. Blue face is the killer. Funny story but I'd bought a second hand one which id been wearing for a couple of years and then one day I was sat at my desk and got a call from the AD: "Your watch is in" "But I haven't ordered a watch? What watch?" "You're 5711 has come in..." "Pardon????" "You're 5711 has come in..." "Errrr....ok.....but I haven't ordered one...." "You put your name down in 2010 and it's just...
Thank you. I waited a long time to find one in perfect condition with all the paper work.Still kills me to see that $425 price tag 😊I've now got my two grails.One for smart, one for more relaxed..Heres the other one...gets mixed reactions, but to me these are the two sexiest sports watches around
Lol. Brilliant story. Tbh I'm seeing it done more on more on the vintage subs....also lets not forget that sea dwellers don't have a Cyclopse, so it's not that strange a thing to do.
I do still have it πŸ‘πŸΌJust prefer the profile and overall aesthetic of the dome plexi.
Some wrist porn for you 1971 Rolex 1680 single-red submariner with original inner and outer box, punched papers, service papers and all the bits. Swapped out the Cyclopse plexi and put in a domed plexi.
For anybody that's interested....I'll do a deal for members here: SOLD
Lol. Just a brother from another mother
Everything is wrong with it. The leather is repulsive and looks just horrific. The hardware (as pointed out above) is all wrong and not rusted. The cut, stitching and details are all wrong. Just everything.
Shocking. Shouldn't it be reported before some poor fool buys it? I hate assholes like this who scam people.
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