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Regarding toe shape, these are the aw14 double zip boots Eck refers to;And here are my ss14 double zips with the pointier toe (but less so than CCP)And yes, new either of these will cost you approx $2650
I think nahneum was referring to the caban coat at re-porter which is sz50, not the fishtail high neck which is sz48.But agreed. The highneck long coat is far nicer without the fishtail. I have a sz46 in ACA-EDGE and it's an amazing piece.
I loved my tornadoes. But I love my double zips more. I have the ss14 toe version which is not as round as the aw14 toe that Eck refers to, but mine are still far less pointy than CCP. Personally I think mine are the perfect toe shape you can get. 😊
Mucked up condition but beautiful to look at....makes me think about getting colours other than black. 😁
Sorry. Yes - Silly me 😁
That's long for a sz44. Even on the picture they are very long vs where the waist length is. But maybe I'm wrong. Was a long time ago.
The sleeves ended up being ridiculously long from memory.
I don't - sorry. Model number? Fencing is always the same model number. Mr moo. How do I see what u r selling?
Yes. That was my problem with the fencing. Loved wearing it closed. Hated wearing it open..... I'm very good friends with BSR. I know the jacket you refer to well. The sleeves were ridiculously long.
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