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Yes cors. I really like the long sleeve. Short is pedestrian ;-) Adds to the silhouette IMO. All my CCP pieces are cut long in the arm. Suits/blazers/coats.
I did indeed. Best piece I own. Owned one in grey bison but sold it. The new one is black horse.
I rarely feel self conscious in what I wear, but when I wore the CCP sneakers, I felt people were looking thinking I was a twat. The drip is pretty hardcore. Like having titanium elbows, which I also feel is way over the top.
I've owned both. 100% Augusta sneakers for me, for several reasons. 1) the CCP are way too 'statement' for me. I loved 'owning' them but I found when I wanted to wear sneakers i'd reach for my Augusta sneaks, and when I wanted boots, I'd reach for workboots or tornadoes. The dipped sole was just too much for me. It took the sneaks to a level that was 'too' edgey. 2) I don't mind paying serious $$$ for something that will last for years. Yes the Augusta sneakers are...
Yes that part is thick rubber. FYI I also own the first iteration of these (white sole on black leather) for yrs. As long as you vibram them every year, they last as long as any work boot. Re your question re leather thickness, it all depends obviously on the type of leather. I find when simone uses horse (I own Augusta horse derbies, horse workboots, new horse sneakers) it is thicker and stiffer than CCP. The leather on my Augusta workboots and derbys (pics earlier in...
I sell mostly on sz
Shame he's gone for a bulbous toe on the TZ1. Prefer the horse double zip that's coming in ss14
Pretty consistently sz9 in CCP and sz43 in all Augusta.
New Augusta black on black culatta horse sneakers. Only seen these come up in buffalo recently, and rarely black soled (in this shape). These are amazing. Thick heavy horse. Dry and matt to the touch. Surprisingly comfortable. Fits tts.
There is only 1 cobbler I use, and that's George's at Finchley road tube station. George is the owner. An old guy who's been running the place forever. He knows exactly what to do. He's vibramed every pair of CCP and Augusta shoes/boots I've owned (including sneakers). Ask for him and only leave your boots with him. Worth calling in advance to check he's in....he'll want at least a day as he won't rush them.Remind him exactly what you want (in terms of not touching the...
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