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Still the best damn sneaker out there, hands down. .......still away and this is all I have left to wear on my feet 😢
Hey bud. Yes I have home insurance that covers all personal property. But claiming will ultimately hit my premiums quite badly. Plus I have an excess on the policy.I kinda always think to save claims for the really big stuff.
If anybody has last seasons workboot in culatta horse in sz43, please PM me as I'm a buyer
Thanks guys. I really appreciate your kind words.It has completely ruined my weekend away with the kids.Please keep an eye out for them, as I will contact the police if I see them turn up.
Guys. I'm on holiday at some outdoor thing for my kids in the UK, and some asshole has unbelievably stolen my brand new a1923 boots from outside my front door. I am absolutely devastated. Especially considering that not one person here looks like they know what a1923 is, so I'm assuming they just saw an opportunity to steal some good outdoor boots. PLEASE PLEASE IF ANYBODY SEES THEM LISTED ANYWHERE, PLEASE CONTACT ME ASAP. It's these, sz43;
Yep tts bud.
I like both boots.I'm kinda hoping to smash these up properly so they have a more natural but very beaten up look.I liked the culatta very much but I also like a clean leather that's properly broken in.Laces...I'm don't mind either way. Nice change but I liked the thicker laces as well. They wore out/snapped easily after constant regular use though....
It's not the colour you have to worry about. I've owned this in grey/black colour. It's the fabric that IMO ruins it. The noise it makes when wearing/moving in it is ridiculous. It's sounds like you're wearing a newspaper/bin bag. Noisey to the point that it's embarrassing. Also chainseam stitching and a non waterproof fabric that runs is a bit pointless on something that's meant to be a parka.
It's a bit more bulbous but all his new and recent batches seem to have this toe bar the workboot in Culatta which is old style crumpled. Even his new crumpled toe works off this new toe cap (see PnP's pair below)Here's the same boot as mine in green.Tbh The toecap photos 'big' but its not like that at all in reality.Here's a different angle of my boot. looks a lot sleeker IMO.
New kids on the block. A1923 Oiled horse workboot. Thank you Holger 😘😘😘😘 He's the best, but most of you know that already.
New Posts  All Forums: