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For anybody that's interested....I'll do a deal for members here: SOLD http://stylezeitgeist.com/forums/showthread.php?t=20521
Lol. Just a brother from another mother
Everything is wrong with it. The leather is repulsive and looks just horrific. The hardware (as pointed out above) is all wrong and not rusted. The cut, stitching and details are all wrong. Just everything.
Shocking. Shouldn't it be reported before some poor fool buys it? I hate assholes like this who scam people.
All your points are exactly what I was thinking.Can't see how the integrity of the heel is maintained.Also once that thin bottom layer wears off, the friction exerted on the heel as you walk would almost pull the vertical layers apart.....And I'm not sure how you'd vibram those considering a cobbler has to shave down the heel slightly to balance the height....
Thank you. The pants are pure jet black.
Thank you. They are a seriously great pant. Phenomenal fabric. Nowhere near as heavy as the military bread breads.LABEL UNDER CONSTRUCTIONMODEL: FRENCH MILITARY TENT OVERDYED PANTCODE: 25FMPN55_LI13_ODCOLOR: 25/4-9 BLACK
A1923 Culatta double zips Nice to get them out again....
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